iDARE! Do you?

2:15 AM

iDARE REBIRTH, this is probably the best thing that has happened to me this holiday.
I missed out, gave up certain things, back with countless of bruises, insect bites accompanied by a fever.
But it's definitely not wrong to say I DON'T REGRET ANYTHING!!

DAY 1: Bus Ride & Random Stuffs. 

This was cement on day 1. 
We were kind of awkward with one another, almost all turning up in grey.
Ready to set of for pahang. 

HAHA, this was major distraction for us, it's so hilarious!

We talked bout random things on the bus. 
Sleep alternating to Taxi, watch Zi Jian does his sweet shooting thing; owning Vik in the bet and Vik having to do a forfeit which was to teach our Cement cheer to the whole of iDARE.
Our first day went pass quickly, simple.
On that day I'll probably never have guessed how close we would be at the end of the camp.

DAY 2: Team Building (Catapult) & Paintball
Planning how to do up our catapult but I'm still camera ready ^^
Having to report at 715am was really no joke. 
With people coming in that bit late and yay, we got punished with 360 jumping jacks.
We did 300. Really I swear. It was not 240, we did 300!

With our catapult all done up and ready to fire. 
Cement, Taxi and Period after all that countless of shooting none of us got 1 into our target area.
Instead we all had titles like:
- Furtherest shot
-Best negative displacement
-Best zero displacement
-Closest to the target shot
-Hit the EO shot.
and stuff like that which made everything just so hilarious.
I had to give paintball a miss cause of my low platelets.
It sucks so bad cause everyone enjoyed it so much and all I could do was sit there and watch, look after their bags, be the one who provided tissue and water. hmm what else.. ):
Night activity was shape shifter, not going into details but it really taught me some things.

Day 3: Abseiling, Cave Exploration, 4WD, Waterfall
Day 3 was the highlight of the camp for me.
We got to sit on a lorry up to the cave, not that it's a big thing but still~ haha
Abseiling first, something which I wouldn't have done ever if not for iDARE.
I was honestly freaking out at the top of the cliff, the 4 who were afraid of heights were all there together.
Freaking about going down the high cliff, haha. 
And that's where I got my first bruise.
Oh, and because we dare, we pulled out a snake's shedded skin out from the cliff.
Then the cave exploration, mad cool! haha
I especially like the theatre part and the crawling part.
A really good experience. I can't believe I dared to crawl through first (:

Up for some 4WD after our lunch at the cave. 
which brought us to....
*drumroll please*


It was MAJOR loads of fun in there. Just floating, playing around, splashing water at others and then receiving your karma for splashing too much at others. HAHA
Best of all was doing the iDARE cheer in the shallow areas.
Cement had many #funfacts memories here.
And this is also the place where i found my dear dancing partner: JOANNE!! :3
We were amused by ourselves but everyone ignored us, its their lost!!
I think we were amazing dancers in that cold water :P
Didn't do much that night, it was just planning for our skit which really brought us super close

4th Day: Rapids, WaterRafting, FlyingFox, RiverCrossing
The sudden daredevil side of us to just jump into those currents that will push you underwater for awhile despite having those life jackets on. 
I would never have dared to do all these what more in teh tarik like river.
Letting the current carry you, jumping into currents, getting flipped over. OhGod. haha
But it was fun, other than getting flipped, i hate that.
WWR didn't feel trilling till the part where we just decided to be bad asses and jumped off our rafts :DD
Did superman/model style down flying fox (first girl for that batch baby!!)
Then crossed the river back to the other side. 
My group guys peed in it and we told the other groups to clean the rope after their pee. 

Then our preparation for our skit.

I think we were damn awesome out there. SUPER HILARIOUS in fact.
I just keep hearing laughter throughout it.
Credits to our Geisha Sengyang, Manager XinYing, AhMa Joanne, 3 Little Pigs Edwin, Keith, Xavier, Pedo Businessman Stephen, King Daryl, Black Geisha Advik, and the others who played supporting rolls.
After everything we had the video, revealing of angel & mortal as well as prize presentation.

I'm super shocked to receive the iDARE Spirit Award. Thank you.
If you want an honest statement, i really didn't believe i was good enough for it.
I shall not go into details but ZiJian, Keith and Daryl knows.*hides face*

My dear mortal: Vernice

Keith who i knew since RC8


Dear bro of mine

There, upon receiving the award.
At our very last debrief, all that emotional talk about what we feared most.
A talk that got me thinking for a really long time about all that was said.

Last Day:
(A photo with my dear SF and also the SSF, ZiJian)
Shopping with the dear girls and all was a bonus. Really.
5 days just went pass so quickly and when we were on the bus gonna cross the border then it hit me that the camp was over, we're heading back to Singapore.
All that dreading feeling of going back to the busy life as well as the fact that I won't be spending the whole day doing random stuff and being with my Cement family just made me down.
Then they had to start playing all those emo songs which made me cry halfway while singing.
I don't really know why i cried but those tears just rolled down anyway, non stop.
Cried again when we did our last iDARE cheer at the walkway and started saying goodbye.
Thus explaining those red eyes of mine in photos. 

Thank you iDARE Sept'12 Family, iDARE Rebirth!
Period, Broccoli, Taxi, Dodo, Blastoise, Cement. Thank you for everything over those 5 days.
It'll be something that will be etched in my memory for a really long time. 
I couldn't ask for a family better than this.
I love you iDARE Sept'12, a lot.
A camp that made me dare to do things i never thought i would.
A camp that made me dare to step up as a leader.
A camp that made me dare to share my bottled up feelings after so long.
A camp that has impacted me in a way.

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