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A cup of well balanced thai ice tea never fails to quench and satisfy my sweet tooth and I've got to say that the one at Pranakorn has got it spot on!
Thai food ain't exactly a cuisine I've a weakness for since I'm not a huge fan of spicy food.
Now don't get me wrong because I do like thai food, i just don't love it.
On the contrary, my sis is a huge sucker for it and thus a good reason for our occasional hunt for these tasty (and really spicy) treat and that's when we came across

So just some little background:
"Pranakorn" is an old name for Bangkok City and this store is ruined by head chef and founder is Mdm Yongpeerakun Nuttikan who was born and raised in Thailand so you can expect some really authentic Thai Food served up in front of you.

We ordered for ourselves a Thai Boat Stick Noodle with Minced Pork Tom Yam Dry (set) - $8.90 which I have a love hate feeling for. Dressed with child flakes, peanuts and brown sugar, I personally felt that the noodles was a little too dry. It was pretty spicy for my tolerance level of spiciness but it was still missing the punch from the tom yam. 
However I have to say that the meat was really well marinated and I loved that so so much. 

Our second set was the Basil Minced Chicken Set - $8.90 as well. 
It wasn't too oily which was awesome and apart from that, I don't actually have much comments about this dish. 
*Both sets came with a drink and a bowl of grass jelly coated with brown sugar (below) which is really worth the price in my opinion.


We added on a bowl of Tom Yam Soup with Pork - $8.90 and a plate of Kang Kong - $5.90 to go along as side dishes so as to fill a total of our 3 tummies.
(yes, our tummies were well satisfied)
The soup was amazing and though i'm not a fan of spice as mentioned, this was really good!
It was well balanced in terms of taste and texture and not forgetting that generous amount of ingredient they've added inside.
The Kang Kong however was a slight disappointment as i felt that it was too oily for my liking. 

✔️ No GST/ Service Charge
✔️ Authentic taste at extremely affordable price
✔️ Good service attitude
Overall, I would say that I had a good experience dining at this humble cozy little store.

For those who are interested to check them out:
Blk 4 Changi Village Road #01-2086
11am - 9pm
Tel: 65430883


Be sure to check out their Thai Boat Stick Noodles (Soup) and Pork Cake which are their best sellers.

So once again, thank you for reading!
(I totally regret not reading up on them reviews prior to ordering and now while i'm typing this it's all a tinge too late, oh well.)
I've a lot more planned coming up soon so stay tune!

Teng πŸ’•

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