Bare Face

2:20 AM

Finally had a facial today over at body shop.
My face feels cleaner!~ 
but.. after the extraction and stuff it looks horrendous. 
I've never seen my face look more reddish and stuff since 3 years ago.
What's worse, one of my eyes was swollen.
Major low self-esteem as I made my way home from Paragon.
*Ignoring all those judgemental stares*

ChorYing came over to our house today to make some stuff.
화채 !!
It does not really look appetising I know..
But after it's chilled it's really super good refreshing dessert! ^^
Mummy and I kept having mouth after mouth of it after dinner.
*freshly taken out from the refrigerator*

Looks yummy right? I super love the top layer coated with sugar yumyum
The bottom was slighly doughy though. no idea why.
Okay, shall not lie bout it, it's actually pre-made.
I barely defrost it, pre-heated the over and threw it in :D
The rest of the day was just #hidehomeday for me cause of how my face looked after facial.
Sigh Pie ^

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Soo excited for the instocks now, teehee ^^

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