1:00 AM

Started off on a bad side but heyyy~ 
The moment the manager saw me, I'm already looking at one black face.

Anyway.. I was appointed to do front at RSH Suntec City.
Which practically meant where all the shoes were. 
The outlet is humongous! The whole reason why I was afraid to work there at first. 
But my co workers are really nice people. If not for them, I would probably have been extremely screwed.
I think I was quite a burden at first, slowly catching up after quite awhile.
They made me feel comfortable and all, quite a nice experience working with them.

To prove my point, my burden acts of that day:
1. Ask where's the storeroom for _______ brand every single time I needed to find size (when the day just started)
2. Taufiq/Fabien had to come into the store room to help me find the shoe quite often.
3. Uncle Lee had to make sure I drank up and was ok during work.
4. Everyone had to take over quite a few customers from me cause I know nuts bout the shoes.
5. I climbed too high and didn't know how to get down and Taufiq had to help me grab a ladder.
6. Taufiq/Fabien had to show me around, teach me a lot of things, clear up my mess even though I might only be there a day.

I really owe them a big thanks for everything, and an even larger apology for being such a burden.
If I do get posted there again, I'll work harder and be less of a burden. 
There were really hilarious times in the store. The 2 Indian man, that troublesome Indian guy, that small cute kid, that annoying kid and more.
It was Priya's last day too and I kind of got her into trouble cause we were talking, hehs.
And now I owe Taufiq brownies. Hahaha.
But whether I get to work there again or not, I think I'll drop by and say hiiii~
Once again, I really thank you all for making my first day at work so memorable. Really appreciate all the help that you guys gave to me this burden newbie. <3 p="p">

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