Skinny Pizza

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If you think that this is a review totally about food, I'm so sorry to disappoint you.

1st-3rd March was my first ever job in F&B. 
Since it was a temp 3 day I decided to just try even though I didn't like the thought about it. 
So! Here it goes:
It was a nerve wrecking day 1. Since work started at 6, I spent most of my afternoon praying hard that I wouldn't break anything or get scolded by customers and stuff. HAHA
Since I've never heard of Skinny Pizza prior to working there, I was hoping it would not be too busy too :P
But of course I was wrong.
I mean how can a small shop with 32 tables be THIS busy?! Mind blown.
But big thanks to May who mentored me. May and don really watched my back on day 1 clearing all the possible mess I could have created. 
Managers were nice too, no matter how busy it was they would only gently remind me to do certain stuff unlike my previous manager who shouted across the shop asking me to serve when the customer is like pretty much close to her. Pfft..
Its extremely tiring during peak periods I swear!
I salute you guys for being in this industry. Day 1 and I was suffering from back ache after doing all the saikang. 
Literally all I did was clean and clear tables, dry utensils and plates, bring cups and plates across the restaurant. 
It was so busy that I was engrossed working all the time that when Don took the plates out for me to dry he gave me a shock. I literally jumped! Like feet off the ground. Thank God nothing dropped.

Day 2 was slightly better. Lunch was much better compared to Day 1's dinner period. YAY!
Still remember how my manager came over to me and complained "WALAO! 那个肥妞拿我的table for 4! 我很想去打她. eh 去打她,说manager叫我打你."
(direct translate: that fat lady took my table for 4, I wanna hit her. Eh, go over and hit her say my manager ask me hit you)
HAHA! I totally went wtf even though I knew he was kidding.
Also cause we had a lot of time on hand, this manager cannot maintain. 
He asked me why I'm only working 3 days and how can I bear to leave my boyfriend, Don here.
So Don told him that when I'm there he needs to take care of me, when I'm not he can work better.
Hello guys, I'm not THAT burden please. 
But at least I got to do billing that day. 
Yay for bill folder being WAY lighter than those baskets of utensils and cups and stack of plates!

I never expected it to be THAT good honestly cause the veggie on top just turns me off.
but when you eat the pizza itself its a totally different thing.
the squid ink pizza is a MUST TRY. Honest opinion.
Even though the pizza is black and the sauce is black but its HELLA GOOD!
You can also check out the other available pizzas, pastas, etc. at

(there, food review for you :P)

Despite all the unwillingness to work since Day 0, when day 3 came I was still unwilling.
Reason being because I guess I will kind of miss them. 
All the small randomness, don's random singing and walking in and out of the kitchen. 
Sadly May wasn't working. 
Got extended for another 2h of work and I actually spent 1.5h at the van just cutting and squeezing oranges.
Haha, I became an overtime genius at that. I can squeeze the orange until the skin of the orange disappeared into the machine. GENIUS RIGHT?!

Finally when it was time to leave, I kind of felt sad even though I was mad happy that I didn't need to clear and clean and carry anymore. 
Chefs were so hilarious (':
I kind of regret not taking a photo with Don/May, sighs. 

In all, I really thank all of you for taking care of me during this 3 days of work. 
Thanks for teaching me quite a bit, bearing with the blur me, that tinge of entertainment as well as encouragement. 
Till I see you guys again. 
Continue being such an awesome service crew and chefs. Not forgetting that cleaning auntie ^^

I'm sorry if this bores you. If it did..
erm, too bad. :D

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