Day by the beach ^^

12:27 AM

i just realised i don't have a proper photo with all the BS peeps who went to the outing that day at sentosa.
hmm, so just make do with me and bbg's face instead of beach pics :D
met up with my future coursemates then headed over to sentosa. hohoho~
played a few games in the pavilion and all with all those really gross forfeit.
i regret helping to make it. scarred man.
but it was fun seeing those brave peeps one shot down those cups of disgusting mixture.
then also used those lipsticks to draw on faces.
omg thanks so much kevin for disfiguring my blemished face. haha. you draw so ugly sia.
then the rest got nice nice smiley faces and all. pffft. i jelly.
halfway through me and bryan ended up crashing hosehbo's outing, heehee.
volleyball, frisbee, captain ball, monkey, and playing in the water.
omg i lost count of how many times i even fell that day.
but it was still oh so fun. haha. the sand must love me too much, keep attracting me to it. psshhh..
if only bs peeps join us for volleyball too, that'll be fun.
i feel like i got chased and pushed into the sea for nothing. your ah...
played in the rain too, it was super funny how there was this sudden lightning and all our reactions became sooo quick all of a sudden all chiong to shelter. haha.
despite trying to clear as much sand as possible in the sea, the amount of sand on me was still like boomshhhh!
wash off until tired after that, ohmygawdddd.
oh yah, i still have to say this. this gonemadz piggy so ungentlemanly. take bag never help me take.
in the end kevin helped me bring my bag and shoe to me *touched*
subway-ed for dinner before just slacking around the shops being an itchy hand. haha.
maybe its just me but i was sooo amused at pet safari cause they have kangaroo bone for dogs and somemore their food got so many different flavours :O
after that trained back in the wrong train! go one big round back home, omg win (Y)
feel abit guilty to my future coursemates. sorry for leaving halfway.

okay just wanna rant abit:
i used to dislike camps, like really. i'll like find ways to give it a miss at all cost.
and now when i want camps, i got into none. what a nice twist of fate.
i see all my friends including the ones i ask to go with me getting into the camps and me?
pathetic-ly waiting for news that never came.
to think i was like oh so excited asking people to join me to go for it. nehmind forget it.
crashing will just make me seem more pathetic so what's the point.
sorry gab, asked you to join and i end up pangsey-ing you. enjoy it though
so now, who's free?~ we go out enjoy together instead :3

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