Happy Birthday Gonemadzpiggy

1:38 AM

I'm seriously super glad to have met you through red camp!
Counting down, around 9 months my bro~

From the very first time i met you through all those apache outings and stuff
and then we realised that we both are DPA students into business studies. 

Being in the same group for our very first NP camp ever!
And then in the same class for DPA.

Going through the 8 weeks of DPA
then bintan
and then through preps for BAOC.
to being SCs for phoenix 3 and 4 for BAOC.

Till we graduated from NPP, and now in separate classes.

Seriously one of the best bros ever! i swear!
You've always been there for me when i needed someone to rant too and all. 
Well, almost all the time. 99% yah.
Even in the library standing in the middle of no where when i was so depressed that time over.. actually i kind of forgot what i was depressed over. hehs.
To the point that people really believed that we're siblings (;
Probably cause we have similar eyes too. HAHAHAHA.
And your endless superb baking, omg~~~
I will like bao da your baking with some dao huey. haha
But really, super thankful for you being there for me like almost always. 
Wishing you all the best in all you do and hopefully we'll end up in the same class for coming sem.
Love you bro <3 p="p">

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