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Seems like no one uploaded any photo from pre-glow so..
Pre-glow was fun! ...and tiring. hehs.
Although the destination changed from sentosa to school, it was still great!~

Whatever i was wearing was so.. awkward.
I seriously felt like i was wearing PJs out onto the streets, taking public transport  ._.

Started off with ice breaking games: Fat penguin, polar bear.
Then the first game. Think was something to do with dead ant or something along that line.
ohmygosh! i swear that was so dead tiring especially since it was under the hot 2pm sun.
When it was orange's turn to chase really damn cannot.
9 of us chase the other 5 groups which had more people then us.
Chase until my black-out problem almost happen again. Sighs.
Seriously hate how weak my body is.

The second game was super shiok~
We had to eat up the fruits (2 bananas, 2 lemons, 1 watermelon) without using our hands.
As weird and unhygienic as it may sound it was so refreshing that you totally ignore the fact you're digging your face into the fruits and that it's on newspaper.
The lemon was sweet for a lemon and the watermelon really (Y).
I think we really not bad, 2nd to finish! 

The third game was something like running man.
Teamed up with stephan and mak (I seriously look damn short between them TT)
Because it was so hot, we decided to just lepak in the cc for awhile before heading out.
The moment we head out is when we got super suay. Everywhere we go sure meet SFs and end up having to run for our lifes.
Escaped quite a few times by hiding at staircases, then running for our lifes again
Orange really super bright, we could see our own reflections from buildings far away.
Ventured to parts of the school that we probably never knew about.
Got caught by our own SF at the stairs, sigh pie.
Thanks to our secret helper (; we finally got 1 envelope. (got that bit of achievement)
 Pretty much spent the rest of the time running for our lifes again. 
We were soooo sweaty that when stephan rest his hand on my shoulder i can feel my shirt getting wet!
We were THATTT sweaty.
and tired, so after hiding at blk 56 level 3, we decided to chiong back to the cc for aircon.
The moment our lift reach ground floor, came out and there was rachel.
Literally ran damn hard to our secret hideout for aircon. 
It was so embarrassing, ohgawd.
Totally cannot be bothered after that and we just lay there for aircon. 
It finally ended and we were dead beat.
Dinner, like finally. PIZZAAAAAAAAAAA ^^

This shall come to a sudden end cause i'm just too lazy to carry on typing.
Annyeong {:

9 more days to BKK
15 more days to iDare!

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