Hard Climb Up

1:33 AM

Trying to build up Bella Dust isn't easy at all.
It's building experience after experience and the stress accumulated makes it really tough to carry on.
The amount of money and time thrown in, the countless of problems you'll occur.
Sometimes I really start to wonder why after countless of setbacks I'm still staying in this.
I hope it isn't just me being stubborn but more of me not wanting to give up something I enjoy.

Perhaps I'm just not strong enough to pull myself through everything.
I'm not financially stable to even try out all these type of stuff.
Guess I've no choice but to just pull myself through all the rough times.
*God please help me*

*Cap and tee from Bella Dust*
Gonna be leaving for iDare in 2 days.
Bag unpacked. Stocks all over the place. More stocks coming in but slightly late.
What's worst I'm gonna be away for 5 days!
God knows what's gonna happen next.
Gonna have to tie up some lose ends really soon and probably just enjoy myself at iDARE!

Cement met up yesterday to grab some group identities and skit stuff.
As sell as to come up with cheers and skit, etc.
Probably one of the more relaxed time that I've had for awhile.
Now it's just me, my work load, stress load and all the negative thoughts.
Really need to get rid of the crap flowing through my mind. 
Miss the times where i can easily turn to someone for help. But all these people are having a different life of their own now. So.. seems like this is it.
Philippians 4:6 says "Do not worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank God for all he has done" 
I guess it all leads down to this verse to give me the strength that I'm currently looking for. 
Thank You God..

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