3:09 AM

Exams are out so.. all the long list of things that i end up doing!~ teehee ^^
So to start of the holidays, one of the very first activity: ZEITMUSIK!!
Its basically a music performance by the NJC Music Programme showcasing different type of musics.
Ranging from playing of different instruments, singing, and really unique ways of playing music.
Am not really a big fan of classical pieces and all but i still went just so to support someone who was performing that night.

Being the usual direction idiot I am, I looked totally like a typical lost tourist trying to find my way around.
Esplanade is just not my place, it felt kind of awkward.
Every movement was awkward, finding my way, getting tix, queueing, finding a seat.
Especially since people there seems to be there with someone else and I'm like.. alone.. yah..
All those looks on people's face  O.O what's wrong with me being alone to watch a performance, seesh..
Anyway, I have to admit it was a good performance, those people are so talented! *salute*
Ask me to play an instrument that well, never gonna happen! ever!
What more one piece of music is like 15-16 sheets of score?!
Then there was this story telling thingy which was so cute! Like totally!!
But the scratching of knifes together really cannot. Super sensitive to those type of sounds :/
The only thing I really couldn't appreciate was one of the piece which sounds like banging of keys *no offence*
Oh yah, i didn't mention that it was the first time hearing him sing! like literally!
Haha! Your voice is really good! You were damn awesome bro *hugs*

After the performance there was still some recognition giving out of certificate thing and stuff.
And so it was awkward again cause people were cheering for their friends and I'm like..
"I know no one else other than one.." *continues to clap*
So being oh so supportive (or over) I cheered damn loud when they said "Isaac" and then the rest of the time I went back to the *continue to clap* mode.
After everything was over yada yada, being a direction idiot (yes i know!) i lost my way again and ended up being annoying over the phone, ohgodsothrowface.
Popular dude lah someone, so many presents. Then mine look so small there, alamak.
Went the wrong direction again afterwards. Whatswrongwithme ._.
Anyway glad you like it bro, I totally had no idea what to get you so i resorted to DIY.
Everything was far from perfect, sorry.
Lastly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR BRO! love you (:

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