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The 1 day Malaysia trip totally slipped my mind till I looked through my past photos.
Thus, my taiwan travelogue will be pushed back slightly, oops
Time is passing wayy to fast and this was already 3 weeks back.

Instead of jumping straight into the food we had as usual,
here's showing you all the small damage for that day:
They have really pretty printed tees actually to be honest,
sad to say they were all for guys so my sis and I are always lingering in the guys section.
(Don't judge, it's really worth the stares)
So yes girls, head there to get nice printed/ oversized tops (;

*inserts awkward transition*

Yay okay back to the main point of the post: FOODDDD! ^^
This time round, Daddy Tay decided not to stay in the mall for dinner.
Instead, he brought us to this tze char stall a few streets down.
Its quite ulu but surprisingly the entire place is PACKED with locals.
And if locals frequent the place, you know it has to be good.
There's limited parking space though so be prepared to wait unless you're one lucky dude who got a space the moment you arrive.
Don't be deceived by it's humble appearance because their food has some form of standard
(I mean the taste, not much of the appearance of it)
What I love about this place is 
Number #1: They don't over promise you. If they tell you 15mins, it wouldn't take longer than 15
Number #2: Their hygiene, they have a special way of serving that is hygienic and efficient!

So first up, we had the Brands Chicken Essence Frog Leg.
Very simple looking dish but the taste is really good.
My sis and I dislike the taste of chicken essence but this was alright! 
The overall combination of the sauce, chicken essence and all just blends so well and covers the disgusting (in my opinion) taste of the chicken essence. 

Next up was this Fried Tofu which I absolutely love.
Personally, I love tofu even though some say that it's pretty tasteless.
Just look at how it was fried to golden perfection (& quite nicely presented).
With the mix of its sauce, this was just perfect for me. 

A common vegetable dish for my family: Sambal Kang Kong.
Nothing really special about it just the same as your typical tae char stores.
We had oyster omelet too which I forgot to take a photo of and only realised after the whole dish was almost completed by my dad and sis.
I can't say much about that though cause I didn't give it a try as I was way to full.

While waiting for your food to arrive, get yourself a cup of fruit juice which is definitely worth the price you're paying. 
I can't remember the exact amount of the drink but it was SO SO FRESH!
We fell in love with it and couldn't help but drank uncontrollably before the arrival of the dishes. 
If you happen to be around Bukit Indah mall, forget about your typical restaurants for once and head over to this place to try out some of their other dishes as well.
It isn't much of a distance and that short travel distance is definitely worth your time and effort.

No 17-23 Jalan Setia 9/17, 
Taman Setia Indha, 
81100 Johor Bahru

So that's all I have for this food post.
If you'll like to try know more about this place
you can also check out their website: Here

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