Ultimate Hawker Fest 2013

8:09 PM

It's been super busy for me the past few days but I've finally found a bit of time to blog about Ultimate Hawker Fest!
This is the second year Touch Community Services is organizing this event
I have to say it was probably one of the best day everrrr and I can't wait for next year's already.
Just imagine, TONS of well known delicious food ALL gathered at ONE PLACE!
It was heaven. Food heaven
What's best about it is that you're doing charity as you indulge yourself in all the awesome food and of course get fat. But it's definitely all worth.
I visited this food heaven with Cynthia, come to think of it we should have gotten more people to go along with us so that we can try more food.
Of course, if you're planning on going next year, do be prepared to queue. Non stop. For long.
The sky was this bright when we were almost done, so you can imagine how early people came for the food. You have been warned.
The first we lined up for was:

Langoustine Kueh Pie Tee & Durian Pengat - by Executive Chef Paul Then, Orchard Hotel Singapore

Look at the chef at work (;

For $15, we had 4 Crispy homemade kueh pie tee shells filled with sweet & exquisite Iceland langoustines and topped with Buah Keluak (Nonya Caviar). This treat is accompanied by 2 shot glasses of chilled and creamy Durian Pengat.
P/s: Lucky us received 3 of the Durian Pengat, yay! ^^ 
This was soooo good, the moment the both of us took a bite, our eyes literally lit up and stared at each other (like you see in those commercials) and I'm not even exaggerating.
Next, we got ourselves some:

Chendol - by Dove Desserts

For $10, we got an old-time favourite dessert with Gula Melaka sourced from Malacca and freshly squeezed coconut milk drizzled over finely shaved ice and topped with Udders creamy coconut ice-cream. The treat can't get any sweeter and better served in young coconuts.
 I'm not a fan of chendol usually cause I don't fancy the beans in it but this really caught me.
The coconut is extremely fresh and we found ourselves scraping the coconut till the bottom.
Typing this makes me crave for one now so bad...
Lastly, we couldn't decide what to get cause we were quite full actually.
We ended up walking 2 rounds around the place before we finally settled down with

Satay Bee Hoon - by Centre Satay Bee Hoon

For $15, we shared a plate of satay bee hoon with slices of shabu shabu pork belly and springy cuttlefish, topped with the lady boss' signature nutty Satay sauce.
Never have I loved bee hoon or satay sauce so much (I usually don't take these too).
Even though I was full, Cynthia and I wiped the entire plate clean.
I spent the remaining $10 on

Mao Shan Wang Durian Puffs - by 818 Durian & Pastries

for my family as my dad and sis are like huge fans (this is an understatement) of durian.
There were a lot more stores I wished I could try but I guess I can only resort going down to their physical stores itself.
Here are some of the things we missed:
  • Duet of Homemade Fine Beancurd with Bird's Nest & Soy Bean Milk with Gingko Nuts - by Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant
  • Ultimate Pork Belly Satay - by City Satay
  • Oyster Omelette - by Chef William Soh, Saltwater Café
  • Pumpkin Prawns - by Siang Hee Seafood
  • Big Pau - by DBUN
  • MurtaBurger - by Springleaf Prata Place
  • Singapore Chilli Alaskan King Crab Noodle - by Chef Eric Teo
and the list goes on. You can check out what other treats were available that day (here) 
The above was only the second half of my day out with Cynthia though.
Stay tune to see what we did in the earlier half of our day as tourists (;

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