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Yes! I'm finally starting on my Hong Kong Travelogue ^^
I shall keep everyone in suspense by starting on the theme parks first.
*please be prepared for a lengthy post*
There's gonna be 2 parts to this cause I realized the ridiculous length this would come up to if I were to do both but still, without further ado, let's get started ~
We visited Ocean park on a Monday so it wasn't really packed which was super awesome~
The last time I visited was 12 years ago so I've zero memory about the place.
Getting there was really simple; just take a mtr to Admiralty station and you'll be able to see the ticketing booth for both entry tickets as well as for the bus down to Ocean Park (and back if you want).

(p/s: buy the tickets at the station, the queue at the theme park itself is ridiculous)
Here's our mandatory shot at the entrance ^^
It was quite chilly in the morning but was super hot the rest of the day.
I shall not go into much details but here are my top few fav things about Ocean Park:

1) Old Hong Kong
Although only a short walk through, I enjoyed looking at all these old architecture so much.
I felt like I was walking through some old time drama all that was missing was me in those clothing

2. Transportation within the park
There's 3 ways that you can bring yourself from 1 end to another of the park.
1. Cable Car - The view along the way is simply magnificent. My choice of vocab is not going to do it any justice since our only expression at that point of time was "wow" and it went on for almost the entire ride. What surprised us was that even the cabin was decorated for halloween!
2. Ocean Express Waterfront - (a.k.a Train that looks super pretty from both the outside and the inside). So that's when our suakuness (country bumpkin) reaction kicks in as we just stare in amusement.
3. Walk your way up - (well, it's your choice but I can't see myself walking so much in such hot weather + it seems rather complicated. I'll never torture myself like that, haha)

3. All Animal Gallaries
I've not seen Jia Jia and Kai Kai but this totally makes up for it. 
We spent quite a bit of time in this place spamming photos of these lovely animals
See those blue tiles? The penguins are actually swimming just under your feet ~
And it was super cooling inside that we did a walk-through everytime we felt hot after a ride.
 Just look at this cutie posing for my camera like a model.
And this was one of the place I liked the most!
It was soo cool looking at the seals swimming around us 
(+ there's nice lighting for a great photo! :P)

4. Hair Raiser!
Just look at this beauty. Officially my FAVOURITE ride of the entire park!!
My back was hurting really bad that day but this is relatively new so it didn't get worse *yay!*
Even if you're afraid of heights or going 360 degrees, just get your ass on this ride.
I swear the thrill, its worth it. 
(In comparison, the dragon is a really old ride. It was good but the old track and bumping us around really killed my back and I just couldn't take any rides after that. Such a waste, someone fix that please).

5. Souvenir store
The 1 place that is a definite must visit at every theme park, literally.
Regardless of the motive; to buy a gift, souvenir or to camwhore, its a MUST!
I'm quite certain of our motive there :D

6. Halloween Decorations.
We weren't there on the right day to experience Halloween in Ocean Park but the're deco was amazing.
You can see the amount of effort they put into it.
Even the toilets were well decorated (and pretty scary despite it still being bright outside).
I guess, it'll be an extra plus point if the visit was planned to clash with one of these special event days.
So if you want the something extra, do remember to do your research.

Last but not least, stay till late because the its definitely worth a wait.
7. Sunset
Just look at how pretty the sky looks and this was without filter. Love it so so much!
I literally stood there to snap a photo even though I probably ended up blocking those who wanted to use the escalator (oops.)

[[On a side note: if you're someone who visit theme parks for photo taking session with mascots then I guess this isn't the place for you. In my opinion, Ocean Park is worth going if you're someone who love thrilling rides. ]]
My only regret is not taking care of my back well enough to take ALL the rides that I wanted to.
Next time I guess? ^^

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