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As mentioned in my previous post, I promised that I'll post about my day out with Cynthia before we headed over for Ultimate Hawker Fest.
For those who follow my instagram, you'll probably have saw this photo and guessed:
Truth to be told, we didn't do anything much that day.
I wanted to try playing with my family's DSLR which I'm still an idiot at so that's pretty much what we did the entire afternoon - being tourist in our own country.
So.. without further ado, let's get into it!!~
(P/s: please be prepared for a slightly photo heavy post)
We decided to grab a quick and light meal for lunch before doing anything and that's when we came across this small store by the name of Dim Dim.

(All the photos of food above belong to Cynthia)
Apparently, I still have no clue on how to take close ups with mine, sighs.
I would not say that this is the best place for dim sum actually.
In my opinion, if you're looking for cheap and good dim sum. Try out the store at the hawker center opposite Parkway Parade.
(Perhaps I should do a post on that in time to come, ^^)

After that, we roamed the streets aimlessly taking random photos here and there.
From floating platform to helix bridge then down to the outside area of MBS and back to where we started. I think there's isn't much more for me to say so I shall just let the photos speak for themselves.
(Or maybe I can't cause they aren't that good yet, sighs)

(there's always a need for shameless selfies ^^)


 I feel like I'm not doing Singapore much justice with my photos but please forgive this newbie.
So, that is actually the end of my photo entry of all my tourist like shots.
Someone please teach me how to take zoom in shots with Nikon D90 (I think) and let me know your comments on how to improve.
And now I shall end off with my getup of that day: 
 Thank you Cynthia for the shot ^^
and of course the entire day out.
Stay tune to my blog for upcoming posts on my Hong Kong Trip as well as Mummy's Dinner at Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant.

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