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Yay, welcome to Part II of my HK Travelogue~
Just in case you've missed the first one, be sure to check it out: here
(Please be prepared for a lengthy post with lots of photos ^^)
 Without further delay, the next post as you can guess is about one of the most magical place ever~

Okay getting there. We could have taken a train down but we dropped the thought cause we had to change trains a few times and in the morning, ain't anyone got feel for that.
We booked our tix and transport from the hotel lobby that very morning itself and surprisingly (not.) the whole bus was waiting for us cause we were late. yay :/

That aside, we turned into 5 year old excited little kids the moment we stepped off our mini-bus.
I shall not go into details on how we all behaved..
So anyways, here's a mandatory shot (again.) before we proceed further in.
Okay, now where do I even begin?
 The moment we entered into the main street, we were warmly greeted by these loves.We then hang around that area to take some pics, hehe and look who found herself a bad boy (;
Haha okay I kid~ 
 We decided to join the O.K gang ^^

We first headed to 
and I finally tried out the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster that I've always heard about.
Conclusion: I'm not very good at shooting if I don't have time to aim. I think I'm better with pistols and rifles
We got on to almost every ride there except the Autopia cause it wasn't open yet. Such a waste.

Just some snapshots but haha, the guys, I can't even..
Oh and that's where we took photo with Buzz Lightyear too who casually pinched my face on his way out to change shift. Thanks buzz..

Our next stop was 
There's actually tons of activities to do in Fantasyland. 
So first up, we tried out Winnie Pooh's Adventure which was SO FREAKING CUTE!

Just look at Han Yang's face trying to act scared and all. 
If my memory doesn't fail me, this is also the place where all the photo taking occurs.
We happened to be the lucky few who managed to get in first so we didn't wait long for some of the characters but all in all: be prepared to queue.
Thank God for the guys we got our photo with Minnie quick but we missed out Mickey cause too much time was spent there and we had to move on if we wanted to complete the entire park. 

 My fav 2 photos! hehe. 
Although they may not be the main stars but they are my fav!!
The queue for their's ain't long which gave us a lot of time to play with them! Yay! 
Am I the only one who loves tigger more than pooh?

Next up was the carousel which we stole the larger horses and made the guys sit the smaller ones.
Gone were the days where princes come on horses guys, the princesses have taken over (;
Next up: Mickey's Philharmagic a.k.a the 4D movie
It was noon by then and they had to recover from their over obsession with spinning too much in the tea cups that they got dizzy plus we were starving so I'm so thankful for tasty food.
Yes it might be a little expensive but I swear it's definitely worth it.
One of the BEST beef brisket noodles I've had in my life. 
The beef was really tender (not tough even one bit) and the soup was yummy~
Now I'm craving for this as I type, homaigawt!~
Never would I expect one of my favourite food in HK to be from Disneyland. Sweet!~
We then went to take a ride at it's a small small world to give us some time to digest.

We were so happy at first, whistling/singing/skipping and all to the "it's a small small world" song but we eventually grew tired of it and started to find it annoying.
Cute dolls and all but goodness gracious, who can stand the song ongoing for like more than a good 10mins and through the ride you have different languages of it blasting around..

We then headed to Toy Story Land which is probably my fav land! 
I love the rides here a lot especially the RC racer
Here's a photo of it. This ride is impossible to miss with it standing 27m tall. 
Its pretty much like a Viking ship but higher, better, more secure and more thrilling
Of course, photo taking is available here too and we definitely couldn't miss it out.
Yupp! With Woody and Jessie!
(Chip and Dale were from some other random area though.)

Mystic point!
I love the castle so so so much!~
 It is also home to all the cool illusions that you can spend time taking photos
(which we didn't really bother to, oopsie daisy!)

We managed to catch a glimpse of Pocahontas and crew too ^^
The ride was pretty cool with all the art work with effects I was super amazed!~
It was super hot so we yay ice cream. Mickey ice cream for some Disney feel yeah?~

Our second last stop:
The Big Grizzly Mountain - Runaway Mine Cars
I swear, this has got to be the MOST AWESOME ride in Disneyland HK. 
At least to me it is, hands down~~

We gave Adventure Land a miss because something wayyy more interesting was happening in the park.
Yessah!~ 小鬼 happened to be there that day and we had to catch him.
*fangirl mode turn on*
We decided to head back to tomorrow land and oh boy were we lucky cause
Okay, we weren't allowed to take photos but I just had to. 
It was major awkward later on cause I tried to ask for a photo but the crew didn't allow. Sighs
Well, it was still great seeing him close up and getting to speak to him. 

With heavy hearts (no I'm not exaggerating), we decided to go to the stores at the main street to grab all our souvenirs and stuff cause we know we were gonna take super long.
Yay for the majorly huge duffy bear! which I couldn't and would not buy!

Haha, what's new right :'D
 So after we finally finish camwhoring, I started to pick up all the souvenirs that I wanted and had to get for others and I spent more than SGD100 there, yay me...
Our estimation was right, by the time we were done and wanted to leave the park, it was already really dark.
We gave the fireworks a miss too though cause we were starving so yups.

With that, this photo of my pretty disney coins concludes my HK Travelogue - Theme Parks portion 

Stay tune cause the posts on food and shopping will be up soon!
(hopefully cause CTs are next week)
and lastly Thank you for reading!~  

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