1:13 AM

Is there a point in continuing the fight when you know you've lost pretty much the whole battle?
What's the point of getting hopes up only to see it crashing down in front of your eyes?
Days where i feel that it's pointless in doing anything.
Being humans, we'll never be able to go against God. It's fighting a losing battle.
When everything doesn't go as plan, pathetically wasting that few hours with nothing accomplished.
Setting up something that you'll rely a lot on, only to see all that effort go down the drain and there's nothing you can do about it.
Trying to get things started but then nothing goes right.
Have been feeling quite negative bout everything for the past few days.
Piled up with loads of stuff but still laying myself all over the bed and sofa.
This weak body of mine just doesn't make anything feel better.
Urgh, need to get rid of this negative sh*ts and go back to how things were.
It's just so hard sometimes.

Want back those days where your mind can be emptied, not worrying bout anything.
Where the worst feeling was not getting a toy i wanted.
and when things were at it's simplest.

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