Oh I See

5:33 PM

Day came where we all had to graduate from NPP.
I doubt any of us really wanted to graduate from this really awesome part of our lives.
The close bonds we all have with one another with our one big dpa family.
I dare say it is a choice that I'll never regret for my entire life.
Huge regret for that day was not being able to take a photo with everyone that I wanted to.
Some of you owe me photo time man.
It was one really great event, with all the performances and stuffs. And there we have the video that showed how we started to know each other all the way from day 1 of dpa camp.
mygawdd, the memories. those were really good times {:
Till the part where the song "keep holding on" started playing.. yea okay stop there :P
Anyway, what's graduation without all the photos right?!

it was a whole evening full of photo spamming. (Y).

See Games was one of the most memorable thing ever! The most extreme birthday thing we've done so far.
Those who happened to be at munch, atrium and bus stop might have saw how entertaining see games was for everyone.
Major centre of attraction! Da bomb! :D
Every station was just so epic! The ridiculous things that our dear birthday boys had to do. HAHAAHA!!!
If every birthday is going to be this way, it would be wayyyyy hilarious. Thank God mine is over!~~
Can totally understand now why those korean stars laughed so hard when playing certain games. Its super hilarious when the game is going on right in front of you. 

Ohyah, I passed the Envoys interview, PSYCHED!! 
Every alternate fridays with all the bonding games and stuff, what's more with T02 peeps too. 
T02, lets go try out  for EF Crew please! 
Imagine every alternate friday just like see games, nicole-lympics and stuff. DAYUM! (Y)
Time have been passing wayyyy too quickly, sighs. 
Haven't been meeting some people for a really long time. ohgawd..

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