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Today was totally like food heaven!
It's literally like food therapy for me after all that dejected moments I was ranting about.
Before digging in into all these amazing food that will make me grow real fat,
I got so engrossed in nana's exercise machine which help me lost 200 calories before I'm sent to food heaven

Lunch was simple but was good!
We cooked it by ourselves, okay actually they cooked it I merely squeezed the sauce for the tteokbokki.
We had tteokbokki! (which got spicier with every mouth) and toufu dumblings (brand: CJ) which was oh so good! I really wished i had more dumblings even though I was extremely full. 
It taste that good! Am so buying a pack to keep at home, teehee!

Completing our Korean-Style lunch with...

..which we happen to be able to buy ^^.
Seeing all those shows where koreans drink rice wine while eating, we thought it'll be a perfect mix.
But i guess we didn't really knew how to appreciate the taste. Oh well~

After just walking aimlessly (and staring at nice clothings which we couldn't buy)
Headed down to Bugis Plus's Ramen Champion. 
This place is just soooo amazing, the ramens are seriously the best i've ever tasted, EVER!
The soup is really thick and the noodles really absorbs the taste of the delicious soup.
The 3 of us ordered from different stalls so that we can try the different tastes.

This bowl is mine, Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen (Ikkousha)-- $11+
I kind of regretted choosing this just because it's cheaper. Should have went for the Hakata Ajitama Ramen.
The slightly higher price you pay is soooo much more worth it. 
Despite only having a piece of meat i have to say the meat is really delicious and it's quite a big piece.
Reason: mine only had a piece of meat and I LOVE MEAT and the egg would have been so good! ):

This bowl is Sheena's. Shall kind of skip this cause I'm not that sure which store and all.
Had a mouth of this, the soup is good too.
Actually all the soups are reallyyyyyyy goooooooood!

Last but not least, Maine's Bowl. Bario Ramen (Bario) -- $13+
I officially state that maine's bowl of ramen is the best among our's
I super love the soup, the meat, the egg. The noodles they used is not like the other 2 bowls too.
They are super generous with the amount of ingredients too. 
Makes the $13+ so worth it! 

Both of them were so full after they finished eating and there i was thinking if i should order gyoza to satisfy my cravings. 
There must be really something wrong with me. ohgod.
I didn't order in the end cause we decided that we were gonna head for ice cream in a bit.
Rested awhile and head off to have our after meal dessert *yayyyy!*

Gelateria Italia has seriously one of the best ice cream and best service ever!
We didn't mind waiting that around 20min just for these 4 scoops of ice cream. 
They have tons of amazing flavours and i love so many of it to bits <3 p="p">

Here's nana's ice cream:
Medio Cup: Rum & Raisin, Baileys Caramel (one of my favs!)

Maine and I shared this:
Medio Cup: Ferrero Rocher & Tiramisu (one of my favs too!!)
It was totally the best way to end of the day before heading home.
God i love today, my tummy feels really satisfied with all these food. 
Weeeee, at least it made me happy for a moment, forgetting bout any other shit.

Toodles!~ ^^

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