Short Day Out

1:27 AM

Shall start of with saying:
Congrats to me who's got my first job ever, not including running a blogshop.
Pretty much the reason why i even bothered stepping out of the house today: job interview
Big thanks to Jem who gave us this lobang.
Seeing tons of people inside, we thought would be quite serious but it actually turned out really different from how we thought it out to be. 
It was really casual, and the guy was so friendly. 
Jem and nana asked quite a few questions while to know-nothing me just sat there and listen.
Somehow quite excited for this fri's training so that i can start work asap.
Perhaps excited by the fact that i'll be in retail which is what i've wanted.
Really hope will be able to get a good attachment instead of places like bossini. 

14 more days to Bangkok
20 more days to iDare.

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