5:44 PM

Last friday, T02 celebrated Nicole's birthday with... *drumroll*
this was us after everything, happily enjoying our success of nicole-lympics. hehe
so this was how it went about:
first station: yellow submarine! station masters: edna and me!~
so our dear birthday girl did a seducing dance by the pole for us. hohoho. you jelly?
and so she received her present after that: photo and gift vouchers

walked down to our second station: between chapters led by adeline and bryan.
our dear girl walked the long way down lah, haha. and cause of that some foc gls wished her happy birthday too.
heehee :P
not exactly sure what she had to do cause we left to go to our next station first.
her present: Shepard's pie
station 3! Munch! led by jsce and sengyang.
no idea what she had to do too but here's her pressie for that station, our birthday wishes!
Station 4: Makan Place.
by me and edna. heehee. i feel abit bad for making you embarrassed hehs.
edna spent alot of time doing up this present. naiseeeeeee ^^
5th station: aitrium.
before reaching there, the foc peeps walk pass so we started singing happy birthday and all again *cheekysmile*
and woohoo! they joined us. (Y)
finally make our way in then jsce and sengyang down to their mission
haha jsce and sengyang made her praise them. ultimate bu yao lian sia. haha!!
finally the last station: BA Block!
where our dear birthday girl had to wear this funky glasses and red clown nose.
walk over to the other side of the road where foc peeps are and ask them to sing her happy birthday.
woohoo, i love those peeps for playing along with us. yay~
hope you like what we did for you my dear.
happy belated birthday!~
even i felt happy doing this whole thing ^^

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