FOC rejects, waddupppppppp!

11:13 PM

so i was mentioning before that that i didn't get called for FOC.

ended up spending a whole day with these awesome peeps who didn't get called too.
first group photo of us before all the stupid lightning warning and all.
honestly it was extreme awkwardness to start things off since i pretty much don't know anyone.
thank god for kevin and keith who talked to me before rosth, dan and mariam came.
so we started off doing some icebreakers:
tada, our circle of awkwardness.
i swear i was so pek check when some dude refused to do his forfeit, like dude, how hard isit to dance in front of us. so not sporting one. pshhhh..
and so there came the rain and we had to move off from where we were to the entrance area
to get the ball rolling we tried playing mrt but failed cause the number of names uh seriously cannot. so we ended up playing the all so famous "bang!"
me and rosth were totally zi-highing throughout the whole thing.
we literally went "BANGGGGGGASDFGHJKLGGGGGG!!!" haha, must maintain abit lah we.
super lots of epic moments i swear. (Y)
then we had a short break so... CAMWHOREEEEEEEE BABEHHHHHH!

whoever took this photo i love you truckloads :P

some were playing twister and they ended up in this condition ^

and so our activity continued when a group of us decided to play dare.
the first part of it became more of a talent show lah i have to say,
just look at yuheng doing windmill on the twister mat!

and then our game continued: 7 wonders {:
look at my cheeky face giving that "i so have to pose for this!" face.
and then rosth and jasper doing the dino walk
in the process of seducing the pillar~
keith and kevin in the midst of bromance-ing.
why do they look so happy doing this. its just wrong.
then me and joanne (?) ending up having to do the same.
then came out ideas from dan's ipad. exchanging of clothes. hahaha!
because of jasper's and andrew's size difference, the aftermath was sooo hilarious!
tadah! well, at least they manage to fit into the clothing
we were all so amused by the fact that andrew could fit into jasper's top, haha
then came this triple dare. no idea how this came about but they were supposed to seduce and dace around the human pole. it was wayyy more than the picture is showing, #justsaying.
and we have a pair of newly weds! i could have sworn they shouted "we just got married!" really happily :P
oh, me and my dumb ideas :D
this one was funny, getting spanked in the ass and going "oh yeahhhh~" as if they got orgasm.
and... some ridiculous dance thingy. hahaha.
so the rain got heavier and was splashing in on us so we had to frigging move again.
just when we were starting to enjoy all these embarrassing acts. tsk!
moved up to the second floor and invaded the whole place.
and then our game continues. all our dares are not dares at all, its just people doing embarrassing acts.
--look at him all puckered up, get ready for the kiss...
... to this lucky man down here {:
you should have seen how hard we were all laughing. ohgawddddd~
then another ridiculous dance.
and some object french-kissing
and alot more obscene acts which photos were not uploaded cause its just wayyyy to wrong.
not there? = missed out on all the laughter and jaw dropping moments.
YAY for us awesome peeps who turned up.
a photo with my dear girl, rosth!!! *spam hearts*
and before we all started leaving one by one, some group photos *jangjang*

to end off, a little pretty picture of may and yours truly. woohoo *hearts*
sorry i can't remember everyone's name but i can recognise a few faces though.
thankyou for such an unforgettable day even though i knew none of you when the event just started.

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