The next few days~

6:33 PM

So me and bbg sherlene decided to participate in this competition:

therefore, our shopping trip together after so long is at cine!!~ ^^
i just have to say this: that day was a super rough day for me considering how my phone died on me and how my stupid heels broke when i was halfway towards the mrt station. most paiseh part is i had to change my shoes in the middle of nowhere.
okay, i'm done ranting. back to this:
pastamania for lunch baby! hehe.
and while waiting for our food bbg took this photo of me and was so happy bout here photography skills.

after our oh-so-delicious lunch we roamed the place~
and our first stop was to enjoy some after food tasties ^^
so look at the greedy pig me forever eating. hehs.
and of course we sat there to like camwhore quite abit.
since bbg was the one taking the pics i just kept eating (Y).

I super love the editor's market. there's quite a few pieces that i'm so tempted to buy.
but i was being budget that day so..
should super go there with friends and like get alot for wayy cheaper prices.
there's this accessory shop which i forgot the name and their prices are cheaper even compared to bugis!
me and bbg each bought a pair of specs at 2bucks and i got my smiley face earring at 90cents.
felt like getting a few bracelets but the size didn't feel right ):
so tadah! my specs ^^
we gave movies a miss cause yet again i was being budget and i watched quite a few movies recently.
sooo, we headed down to bugis!~
and we took this. we might win some shopping vouches and stuff like that.
haha both photos my face like got something wrong. what was i thinking...
if we won the vouchers i'll be like super shock and chiong back down to get that brown crop tee, highwaist and etc. heehee.

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