1:17 AM

realised i've been eating so much this few days. omg, can't imagine how much fats will start accumulating. thanks to having too much lazy days. ohsnap!

okay that aside, i'm quite hyped for baoc!~
i received a call saying that i was supposed to be in glorious griffins subgroup 11.
wonder if can still crash in. ohwell, phenomenal phoenix!! hehe {:
all my ex-classmates are like in different groups. hopefully there'll be people i know in my group.
heehee. so hyped to see the list. bwahhhhhhhhhhhh~ *zihigh*
other than that, it's been quite crappy so far.
i've been thinking alot, like literally spending hours just locked up just thinking through shit.
spending my weekends just living in my own world.
i seriously don't understand why all these is going on and sometimes i just get tired of trying to find the reason behind it.
things would have been worse if not for the few of you, but i'll feel bad relying on your forever. so i guess i would just have to hold it in and just push myself on

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