It's Bintan Baby

8:48 PM

So... Bintan marked the end of NPP.

sad but have to say it ended pretty nicely.
the only problem that we faced was tony and those super tiring and stupid overhead claps.
first day we had tug of war which i be cheerleader sua since i sometimes bottle also cannot open.
second day was this stupid hoop game which made us do thousands of overhead claps and really sore muscles for the next how many days.
and tadah! our lifesaver! breakfast was like our energy booster ^^

credits to michelle. credits to her for posting the photos of these late at night that day making me really really hungry when i didn't take dinner.
the meals get better and better, other than breakfast which was still the ultimate best.
guess how our chicken was like during our first lunch?
it was super duper tough. and to think i thought chicken breast was tough. (i hope that made sense)

our class gathered together in the morning just for breakfast.
still remembered how we all gathered outside just to wait for the appropriate time to go in then chiong like a normal singaporean to all the food there.
my group was so cute lah please, we were talking about how we should bring the tray to our table or bring our chairs to the trays. haha #typicalsingaporeans
i swear we are like super proud of our dpa tee. heehee. like show off only yah.

actually this whole bintan trip more like a holiday than leadership training camp for us.
room like shiok, food like quite shiok, go there with awesome peeps.
i miss those nights where we would all crash nicole's room and watch vasantham(?) together.
don't judge us. you have no idea how much we laughed ^^
free and easy was like (Y). played at the beach with T02 until someone got injured.
guilty shit. ):
and then to the pool where i almost got thrown in. (am i such an easy target, seriously?)
[because i'm so lazy i shall like skip a few parts]
dinner blablabla then dancesport performed for us *cheer*
and hiphop ended up performing too. imagine a quite dance idiot dancing in front of more than 100 people, yah that's pretty much how i probably look like that day.

BROMANCE! with missing people. think the change sex poses quite fail right. i'm sorrehhhh.

at night we gathered at the same room yet again. just that this time we had prank calls.
the prank on ace was like funny shit. benjamin likeapro man!
those in the room totally saw how freaked out ace was. ohmy.. he went to jsce and was like convincing him to leave the girl's room and all then he was all so ready to leave the room and farzanah was like telling him to come back cause he just got pranked. that look i swear priceless lah.

breakfast then headed to xinyi's room which we ended up talking bout this or that. girl's talk. naiseeee
you sneaky girlsss~ :P
then slacked around the lagoon for awhile before going to some market like thingy where we had our lunch and bought.... THISSSSS!
our class bracelet!
and a tee which many of us girls bought. so gonna arrange a day where we all wear our tie dye tee ^^
(my bracelet like ruined already, mad sadness)
oh man, i love T02~ hehe *hugs*

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