Christmas Eve & Apache Dinner (I)

3:56 PM

super delayed i know :X

Christmas didn't feel like Christmas at all to me.
was basically following my dad to wherever he wanted to go since i had no activity.
i would totally feel like having one whole chunk of complains but let's just skip that.
we met up with ryan's cell for like just bonding time and all.
started playing for that short while and there came Mr. Rain ):
walked barefooted around till the rain stopped before finally coming back.
simply had abit of food, chased after the ball that refused to stay with us and play, murderer?polar bear? yeahh..
i can totally start seeing my black roots already, dayum!
dinner then church service.
the skit part was really good, funny max! i swear~
his actions are really, idk comical like~~
then pastor Laurence Khong preached with a little magic in it.
with anthea~
Bus ICs~ sadly Dan's gonna leave us.
Group Photo!

it was just a simple dinner to just gather and all.
26 of us after dinner, sat at the sky roof and played dare or double dare.
i'm sure we got alot of attention from the amount of noise we generated :P
but it was fun and funny.
in the past, i never got to play to this extend. (well, they said poly's gonna be like that or even more extreme)
that ah neh didn't understand what me and sherlene were saying at all
the dino walking was wayyy hilarious! if i'm the one sitting inside i'll totally be thinking wts! and probably spit my food out.
i have poor memory, sorrehhh
us girls~
with emery and bernard.
campers~ ^^

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