9:00 PM


second trip to NP within this week itself. and end up taking the last few trains home, hehs
in my opinion, mass dinner was more fun then prom.
went bryan's workplace for lunch, next time, one day if i pass by i'm gonna drop by
bryan + camera = too many candid photos, zomg!
cannot take it, its like super unglam la can?

i had ban mian for dinner, thabomb! when i go into NP, i'm gonna have it often man
by right the plan was to go to tables to inform bout the outing marathon and obviously that didn't work out. cause what happen immediately after that is ------- CAMWHORE!!
yeah, and tons and tons of photobombing. (as you can see, i was not supposed to be in there but yah, i somehow lost it)
and one thing for sure, i hate those mind-fucked games. i always cannot catch it one.
headed down to erm, dayum i forgot whats the name of that place.
more camwhore-ing, played games, and listen to ghost story.
at that point of time thinking: please don't tell me which block i'll be studying in and please don't tell me any BA story and please tell me we are not sleeping at that block during NPP.
to make myself think less bout it me and bryan ended up zi lian-ing on the spot :DD

this is evidence of how useful my camera is to zi lian: 十连拍 i don't even know if it's written like this. lost touch, forgive me.
i love my camera *this muchhhhhhh* (imagine me with arms wide open ^^)

end of with a majorly photobombed photo. and this was not all of us yet.
yeahhhhh, apache family love, ahahas.
this photobombing session showed me that being short = not really a good thing. cause you wanna photobomb must tiptoe till leg pain before your face can hardly be seen, just like how you can hardly spot me here.
okeydokeys, i shall probably continue to pack my luggage now since i'm leaving in.. about 9 hours time.

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