waterfront & sleepoverrrr

1:49 AM

not many turned up and the weather was not to our favor but that's how the fun actually begins right? the start, first stop of our apaches outing marathon and my only one with them.

it was hot like deep fried upon arrival, literally throw your things down and hide in shade
then it started to drizzle. but we headed to the jetty anyways
apparently my foot got tangled among the fishing line. like not awkward enough the uncle was like aiyo, zhuo dao mei ren yu. damn loudly. omg hide face
rain got heavier and we shared umbrella like the photo. ultimate pathetic max but fun~
uncle even took a photo of us as memory, cool or what.
i swear i love the inventor of hand dryer. what would i do without it's existence. i would be in disgusting cold soaked shoes and all. :X
camwhore (bryan pali upload pictures please~) and did our part 1 of surprise ^^
i'm embarrassed, *hidesface x 100000000000* when the surprise is known

definitely not gonna upload pics of my literally bare face. my eyes look really jialat in the morning. talked, supper, talked.. yeahh.
waking up really early cause charmaine stretched and her cushion push me led to extremely tired me sleeping on the couch during nomming of sausages.
we made our own pancakes (i assure you mcdonalds is better), had cha soba and sausages!
then it was shopping time + movie (NEW YEAR EVE)
i really like comedies. super duper. the show was good ^^ made me starting reflecting abit at the same time wonder how my countdown this year would be like. hope it'll be better.
still have no idea who i'll be counting down with.
sidetracked. anyone knows why there are good looking topless models at orchard?
sheena made us go down just so that she can take photo: *as below*
she wanted someone to take with her so there i am
i really prefer those with clothes on, idk why but yeah..
i feel so paiseh! the guy second from the right. he went to position his arms and all then he was like "carry? :D" . i was shocked, really.
i should have said okay then i can go "i got carried by a hot topless model yo!"
(i didn't know this model actually took my cam and camwhore leaving this in my memory card, haha!)
what's more a bigger woohaha bout today is that i BUMPED INTO ISAAC! it's extremely qiao i swear. who knew that i would bump into him randomly along the road?!
(it's the first time i see him in person since i knew him in jan? i guess. how i knew him that's my diulian secret. lazy elaborate..)
anyway, its soo unexpected and of course i recognised him. why wouldn't i? hehe.
maybe next time will bump into each other more often, who knows. p/s: visit must remember tell me yah~ ^^

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