Make It Count (:

10:40 PM

Out of all the CIP things i've did, this has to be the best!
excluding the fact that we had hard bed with dirty pillow and blanket in a cockroach infested room. the water that we had for bathing was yellow at times and there was a case of shortage of clean water. provided with food that was not that good and was feeling tired on the 3 days.
but all this was worth it just to see the kid's smile and hearing their laughter.
we had sessions on the first 2 days. one of it even a made belief memorial service.
although i knew it was a fake, it really made me reflect on my life. like how would i be remembered when i pass on and all. "Spreading the love of God to others" was what i wrote.
as much as i wanted to, i feel super helpless on the day itself of cip. with the communication breakdown, every time they talked to me i could only responded with a smile and quickly grabbed someone to help me.
the kids are really energetic, smart, lovable, talented, you name it.
what i'm going through compared to their's is minor and yet they are so much more contented and smiley compared to me.
even after they vandalised their toilet and we have to clean damn hard for them, i've never thought i would clean up a toilet this willingly.
looking through the pics that others took, i never thought that someone could be that happy just to receive 1 gummy sweet. that small girl had a wide smile literally as i handed it to her.
they were so attracted to the cameras and when the polaroid film came out they all wanted to see the photo appear so badly. and when it was out they were like extremely happy, hahs (:
totally love seeing them dance chicken dance, so cute and they laughed so much. even more when the're playing cat and mouse, duck duck goose, monkey.
we totally lost all our energy playing with them but its really worth. nuff said :D

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