Helloooo 2012!

11:43 AM

all the unnecessary worries i felt before the countdown. that was so dumb

countdown was great!
thank you charmaine, janelle, berlin, azim, javiel, greg, chonghan
also thanks to berlin and janelle's friends who were there since 2pm?!
the fireworks were directly in front of us, mad chio.
futhermore never in my life i saw fireworks upclose, i guess it's a change for 2012 after all ^^
thumb game, glowing pick up sticks and all. the best has still to be janelle's hair game.
that was just totally mad hilarious!
the whole group spammed group photos after. those passerby's faces were literally spells wtf

i'm glad i went for service prior to all the fun.
pastor daniel khong's sermon + what bro said.
it sucks to know but what they said is true. why do i keep looking back at those memories when there's no fucking point. 2 words. MOVE ON!!
i tried one last time for this new year with the results as guessed so crap you.
with that, moving on ^^
new year, new start, new memories, new many more things.
wanna let this year be one more focused on God.
so ending of HAPPY NEW YEAR, HAPPY 2012. and GOD BLESS YOU ^^

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