6:50 PM

MAC + SLs + others: hehe
I finally know how to get to NP by taking public transport, ohmygawwd, i'm so proud of me :D

linger around at starbucks to get MAC proper and bond.
all apaches should totally look forward to the outing marathon!
you guys better turn up kays, we spent quite abit of time (i think) doing this :P
wander around, 1st round of food at 4+, a tour around pond area, random talking, 2nd round of food, games room for more spin the bottle, 3rd round of food at kap.
it was a super funny day, i like i like.
i so can't wait for tomorrow's apache dinner. gonna be down early for MAC meet & bond ^^

i was excited before all the artiste announced that they are not turning up.
like seriously, i see other award show so many artiste and yesterday was like just SJ, SNSD, Beast, 2NE1, and a few others.
i was expecting so much more but no, kind of disappointed that so little turned up. pfft..
couldn't be bothered to turn up for red carpet so yups.
there's this spotlight that somehow always reflected light into my eyes.
good thing SJ had enough people to like block it out for me :P
i'm starting to dislike kpop fans. seriously..
i understand if you're excited to see your idols and all but don't your think your behavior was unacceptable and plain rude?
other actors/actresses are like talking and your just scream like the heck?!
when your idols singing your also scream, like be abit more civilized and fan chant or something. or else it's like everyone is listening to each other's scream instead of the nice singing voices.
and last complain, people who you don't like just make abit noise for the recording la. wah piang, the contrast so huge from artiste like those who turned up, i feel damn sad for the rest.
the good thing is those actors and all are like so charming! actresses are like so chio.
lee byung hun (from IRIS) is super handsome, kim soo hyun (guy in Dream High) is damn good looking too. of course not forgetting song joong ki. ah, cute max!
and i have to say that kang so ra is ultra pretty! yeahhhhhh~~ just to name a few
anyways, there was one part where the people in the pens were waving towards the stage or something, what was going on? i'm super curious cause from where i was seated they look like they're waving at each other.

end of with a retarded shot of me and sheena :DD

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