7:47 PM

CD-5! ^^

this week i learnt to never take afternoon nap + coffee overload within 2 hours.
add all this together leads to sleepless nights and forgetfulness.
heck no forgot to bring my jacket and kept moving about to keep myself warmer
but it just makes me look like i buttock got ants cannot sit properly =="
nevermind, i survived a total of 3.5 hours in the cold with only 3 hours of sleep the night before
seriously the power of chicken essence berry :DD
yesterday dad and sis were such an ass.
i have to stay up till damn late mug non stop and they went for good meal, so nice uh
somemore not as if dabao some food for me or something. seesh.
i'm starting to appreciate exams. end school way earlier than i ever did for the entire year!
while leaving the school you get that "hehe, bye peeps¬ enjoy your lunch and lessons, we're out for lunch and home followed by afternoon nap and all".
after not touching com for a week, my hands are so itchy to shop.
just targeted a few accessories and bottoms :P
i just realised my train of thoughts very messy, totally no link one.
okay, this is the result of 3 hours sleep -> amaths paper -> history paper -> shopping.

when i watch today's performance on mubank!
the first thing that even got my attention since the beginning was baro'c cap!
ahhh, i want sia :/
have been trying to find it online for God knows how many hours ):
at the rate i'm spending i really need someone to spon me abit for my hair dye at twister end nov/early dec.
last random thingy: saw sir chris that day after so darn long :O

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