Jon Pritikin!

10:27 PM

i officially declare myself as "lazybum"

today dan, smith and amanda all on duty except me! SEE! my point proven
hahas, okay i'm so glad i decided to give SWC and go to church instead.
listening to Jon Pritikin preach is way more worth in than any thing!
he's a real inspiration and i look up to him for being so tough mentally.
after all those he still did not give up on his life and all.
i super look up to you bro, when i'm about to give up i'll remember you ^^
he's on page 12 of Guinness World Records 2009. he says he remember cause he's insecure. he dyed his hair too cause he's insecure. how cute :D
met with jon daddy after that to pass him the sticky to bless him for exam.
ain't i sweet? :P
okay, this is the pair of spiked oxfords i'm dying for.
saw it for real yesterday when shopping and i swear its damn chio
didn't get to buy it, not even try it.
like love sick can when i did not get to buy or even try this pair of shoes. * exaggerated*
but its okay, still happy {:
sadly, this few days the same problem keep replaying itself in my head.
prayed to God regarding my previous post and today's sermon seemed to be speaking to me in some way. hm...
i sometimes wonder if there's anyone who was in the same situation that i can actually talk to
oh well (:
oh yeah! watched smurf yesterday and i'm so crazily love smurf!
especially papa! he's really cute for a five hundred + year old dude kay.
like how can you resist such a cute cartoon who's blue dressed in red and has a beardie :D
comecome, anyone wanna buy me a papa smurf plushie (;

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