5:38 PM

i'm still so unprepared for prelims.

blame me for being so easily distracted and not being able to sit at 1 spot for long.
since its almost prelims and all, school is plain boring. study all day only.
oh ya, before anything, next week metro church is leading worship!
actually i have no idea who are they but hey¬ its an event afterall. hope it'll be good :D
yesterday was soo...
stupid cheena perverts in the MRT, i dont give a damn if you're on your way to geylang or whatsoever. i dont see the point of staring non stop with that bloody pervertic look. and yes dude, good you know we are angry. i swear your thick skin continue stay in the train i would make sure the whole cabin stares at you! ass max. zzz. its not that im racist or anything. is because of asses like you guys that let people have this stereotype against people of your nationalism.
okay, nevermind bout that.
to all taking prelims jiayou oh¬¬
thankyou GB girls for the exam blessing. i gave out all of mine including my own and did not expect to receive it. haha, it was a surprise. i read all the notes your wrote. bigbig xiexie.
can't wait for the 8th of nov where i can pretty much throw away everything. huhu..

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