insert sad face

7:55 PM

boohoo, my phone sot sot again!

it has not even been a week since it was last repaired! pfft..
followed all those steps on internet and still..
wah totally fucked up! need go don't know where just to get it fixed.
my youth day totally gone! 哭哭~

Saturday was really awesome, for awhile i forgot all the bad things.
thinking about it makes me happy
from meeting to lunch to busride to service to dinner to icecream.
to the extend that i can just sit there and silently laugh to myself
abit kua zhang but.. okays nevermind. hehe
can't wait for next saturday again.
*ignore top part* :DD
home alone 3 is awesomeeee!!~
totally brought my bad mood uppp ^^
ultimately funny! alex is like cute and smart and all..
wa, my ideal future son, hehe
abit random thought. why can't dreams be real?
i love my dreams and never want to wake up from them.
at least it takes me away from reality for that few hours...

saw this somewhere:
  • "In this life time, nothing can be as dark and bleak as now. But still, God is with me. "

  • it was motivating {:

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