Line Of Sight

11:28 PM

taken by amanda on BUS! emphasis on BUS!

nevermind i don't think anyone gets that :D
after 2 weeks and a false disappointment at first, it was saddening.
but then, ahahahahahahas~ i spy with my eyes... ahahah~ *goes hyper*
its been awhile since i'm back to attending church and go for cell and all.
i'm happy~ saturday is forever the best day of the week for me now ^^
today was milk tea madness~ i'm starting to like milk tea, even i'm surprised.
okay today's sermon is something that i can relate to, actually many weeks' sermon can relate.
one thing that really got my attention was a sentence, which is what i should quote:
"The biggest problem is how you see the problem."

Verse for today: Hebrews 13:8
wow, i sound so different today. hahas
shall go stare at what clothes to buy from forever21 before i knock out.
안녕히 주무십시요 /잘자 ~ ^^

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