week update

6:51 PM

Before anything, *3 cheers hip hip hooray!*

Chinese O levels oral is over yo~ ^^
okay, when sitting there abit shocked cause the oral examiners' face like both so stone.
when saw the passage it was like shit! what are these words man?!
so obviously i screwed the reading part.
awkward part was when they started laughing. its a good thing but i dont find it funny. hmm :O

Friday went doctor but seriously it was like tsktsk man!
that nurse seriously urgh! dont like her! give me stupid face =="
that day was extremely tired.
for the first time i stepped into business and account school.
if only there were more students from the east. felt weird.
even what i wore made me feel weird. oh well.
after everything, got performance!
omg i swear the hip hop was damn awesomee! 
after poly experience -> clementi mall -> jurong point
got this awesome dress! hehe.

saturday was hmmm...
wake up after that pathetic 5hours of sleep just to line up to see a doctor before the clinic open
typical kiasu singaporean much! super!
reached like quite early but still there was about 8 other typical kiasu people :O *bigshock*
had accident injuries checked and abit of medicine~
lunch at tm pissed me off to the ultimate max.
this chou ah neh come snatch place. 
hoped you enjoyed your awkward lunch with your fellow whoever.
and on the way to the next eating place, i saw mrs teo.
like woah, how much worse could it get. and there was no ....... to make it better!
after the long day, was super sleepy but i still managed to stay up to submit my dpa application.
yes! i stayed up till 2+ am just to send in my application so NP and SP please please please take my application into consideration okays?
i hope to be shortlisted and after that do well for interview *cross fingers*
okay! signing out now. PEACE! hehe.

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