Old Railway Track~

9:33 PM

just like what the title says, i was at the old railway track area which name i forgot :D
(i know the picture does not look nice or whatever but shush! i was using a normal camera okays)

can you believe it we reached there about 8+ 9 and it was really cooling all the way till 11+
abit of photos that were taken using my lousy camera.
still need upload the pictures by my dad and sis. shall upload next time. ^^
as you can see i got obsessed with having the rails and stones as my foreground and background.
i mean thats the whole point right since i'm at a railway track.
looked like a sua ku there since we were like oh! lets take pic here and here and here and...
yea it went on. my dad even have a picture of himself planking on the rails like can you believe it!
sat on the side of the rails on it, main point sat alot along the way
result of this being: RUST ON MY PANTS! AT MY BUTT!! :/
i swear throughout the whole thing kiddos keep photobombing me
but okay la those kiddos were so cute, haha.
SL keep getting photobombed by oldies. poor thinggg :P
and... TADA! my favourite picture taken by my own camera heehee ^^
lunched at lve for fod for thai food then to TCT.
get well soon e.c ):
더 이상 견딜수 없어
내 눈엔 너밖에 안보여
kay shall update soon, byeeee~
tomorrow watching VISION! awesome! thanks dude who blessed us with the tickets.
God bless you, and i love you {;

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