6:18 PM

I know I've not posted anything for awhile, but life has been pretty boring recently.
Perhaps pretty boring is still gonna be an understatement. 
In case you didn't know, there has been protest/riots/demonstrations (whatever you like to call it) in Vietnam recently and guess what?
It's held just outside the resort! (my workplace)
Wow.. What are the odds...
So we've been on sort of a "lockdown" for quite awhile now.. like 3 weeks?

If you're wondering what I've been doing for the past 3 weeks..
Well. Nothing is probably the answer you're looking for and you're probably right~
I'm not gonna let myself rot in the resort though!

So if you're wondering what I've been doing in a golf resort when I have no clue how to play golf?
Self-entertain of course. 
So if you're stuck in a huge place with nothing much to do:
1. Dress up to work & take some pics

 or dress down but still take them anyway

I'm not some photogenic pretty beach babe or whatsoever but every girl gotta have some photos taken once in awhile, whether unglam or not. 
I guess I must have gotten too bored over this long period of time.

2. Eat till you're satisfied!
Nothing can make me feel better other than food. My second best friend/comfort/etc..
Thank God my intern workplace is well known to serve amazing food.
and thankfully dinner is served at the restaurant every day!
Showcasing just some of the nicest dishes that we have had here
(I hope you're not reading this while you're hungry)

These are usually available during functions or when we're served set meals though. 
Sometimes we get to choose from a small list from the expat menu too!
Some are really awesome and I'll probably miss those truck loads when intern is over in 10 weeks.

If that's not enough, how about some beverages?
The company just introduced Avocado Juice recently since its in season now.
and homaigawt it's soooooo good 
(and sinful too oh man).
(p/s: is the photo nice? I have been putting what I've learnt to good use here aren't I?)
haha who am I kidding, loads of room for improvement man. 

I really can't wait to get out of the resort to head out and have some fun!
Everything is in the midst of planning now so hopefully all goes well.
If it does, you're gonna be in for a treat!
It's gonna be a 3d2n trip with some really exciting activities (;
Crossing fingers that all will be fine. hehe

*latest update*
Sorry, seems like things won't be going on as planned.
As much as I'm disappointed, it's unavoidable since I'm after all only an intern.
Oh well, that trip will still be on my to do list.
I'll be back for you Da Lat (:

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