Little Binh Thanh Adventure

9:21 PM

Finally got a great (delayed) day off and a big thank you to Chris for bringing us around!
Oversized Floral Varsity Mesh Tee || Oversized Denim Jacket
Both bought in Vietnam at 180,000 and 200,000 VND respectively which is like 
roughly SGD$11 & SGD$12. 

We went to quite a few places on Monday but in this post I shall place the focus on this underrated place; Binh Thanh District 
Whenever I ask the locals about where to go shopping, the name of this place has never been mentioned. Thankfully, we still decided to make a trip down anyway.

Now this place is still located in HCMC, slightly off the central area by just a bridge (I think) and you can see the major huge difference from the packed tourist sites vs the country looking place.
Don't get me wrong because I love this place!
I love how natural it is and you get to really see how people live their normal daily life. 
Not forgetting the hidden treasures this place actually hides.

Our first stop upon arrival was Ban Chieu Market!
It's a little run down 2 story building that's pretty out of the way and I probably wouldn't think much about it at first glance but I was proven otherwise.
You might probably say "This is similar to Singapore's wet market what!"
Well it's not, it's all life stocks here and no it doesn't stink!
The insides are pretty clean for a market standard in my opinion and clothing stores pack the entire of their second floor. 

Food related items were all on the first floor and clothes & cloth on the second.
Its possible to get great buys here I would say! My items were all around 100,000 VND only.
Once again thank you Chris for helping me do all the bargaining!
Would have been a lot more pricey if it weren't for you.
Most of the sellers here are super friendly however they only speak Vietnamese.

After our shopping, we headed to this amazing seafood stall located a short walk from the market.
Address: 282/4A Bùi Hữu Nghĩa, P.2, Q. Bình Thạnh

Every dish here range from 25,000 - 40,000 VND which is so worth it! 
(I hope i remembered correctly)
The food is really fresh and they taste soooo good!
This place is usually packed by 6pm so do go early if possible.

(p/s: I hope you're not feeling hungry as you're gonna scroll down a picture spam of food :P)

I love so many of their dishes that I can't decide my favourite. 
Probably every dish from here onwards! Hehe!

Our total came up to about 400,000+ VND for a total of 14(?) different dishes + drinks and beer!
That means only around $25SGD for 4 for that large amount of food!
Now I'll probably say worth it is an understatement. 

There's a lot more to this district! 
More markets and I heard about this entire street for thrifted goods.
Will probably try to find a chance to visit this place again hopefully before I leave.

So that's all for this little trip here and stay tune for part 2 of my day off soon.
and thank you for reading!~ ^^

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