Bring Me With You, Ho Chi Minh (Part 1)

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Instead of just the same old boring blog posts, I decided to try out something slightly different.
I shall try to start out on "Bring Me With You" whereby I'll show both photos and vids which allows you to see more of exactly what I did (i guess, haha).
So to start off,
Here's the compiled clip of some places I visited.

I'm super new to this so pardon the terribly edited clip and videos.
Sadly all I have from the most recent off days were videos cause an accident happened and my app with all the unprocessed photos were deleted (someone kill me.)
Let's cut to the chase.
This trip was way shorter than our usual ones and due to the weather, there's only so much I could cover.

I'll be walking through with you in exact sequence to the clip ^^
We took a bus (616) down from outside our company to Ben Thanh Market
Heed my advice and never take the buses during peak period!
It's more cram then sardines in a can. 
It was raining super heavily when we got there so we decided to drop by Highlands Coffee just across the road to wait for the rain to stop. 
It sucks when you're all ready for a day out and the rain just catches you like that. 
What more in the maxi I was wearing, ohboy..

Feature #1: Kichi Kichi
Tucked away in B3 of Vincom Center, this place is too well known to not be fully packed. 
Kichi Kichi is a hot pot + Sushi Buffet place and what makes it popular is it's price.
It's at a super attractive rate of only 159,000 VND which is less than SGD$10.
Yes, you're not reading this wrong!
At the price of $10 with no time limit nothing, we sat there for a good 2-3h just stuffing ourselves with all the meat we could. 
The meat is quite fatty which is the downside of it but sometimes, good quality meet will surface on the conveyer belt and woohoo! 
Let the feast begin!!

Feature #2: L'usine
A Cafe x Store that features tons of things from apparels to lifestyle.
They carry many pretty pieces that I would love to have.
It was regretful that we didn't get to visit the cafe upstairs but I definitely will soon. 
That trip down will definitely be featured on my blog, I promise. 
You can check out their Facebook for more details and tumblr for some graphics.
Or if you want, you can camp on my site to wait for more :P

Feature #3: Kelbin Lei House
Opened and self designed by Kelbin Lei himself.
I've been a fan of his designs ever since I saw them on Lookbook but at that point there wasn't a physical store yet and I don't recall International Shipping being possible.
You have no idea how elated I was upon knowing about the opening 3 months+ back prior to my attachment in Vietnam. 
And now I've finally made a trip down and got myself his design~ 

It's just a little place towards the back of the building but the interior is..!!!
He was in the building when I was there but I guess he's busy and all.
Sighs, really wanted to get a photo with this amazing guy, it would be my honour if i could.
Can't wait to see more from him ^^
Click Here to find out more

And finally, what's a blog post without the #ootd of that day right :P

Inner White Cut-in Top from An Duong Plaza, Vietnam || 160,000 VND
Slit Maxi from Platinum Mall, Bangkok 
Unisex Black Mix Leather Vest from Kelbin Lei's House, Vietnam || 850,000 VND

Oh, and please forgive my depressed face cause I was feeling really disappointed.
It felt like rejection by someone you look up to.
Can't blame me can you? hehs.

With that, this concludes my first "Bring me with you" in HCMC. 
I hope you like this something new i'm trying out.
I'll see you soon in my next post. 
Ppyeong ^^

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