Mekong Delta!~

11:15 PM

I still remember looking at pictures of this place before I came to Vietnam, crossing my fingers in hope that I'll get a chance to visit.
True enough, I got to visit this beauty just a week back, definitely not a disappointment.
Yay to a place strike off my "places to visit" list !

Despite the fact that we were visiting with other local staffs, we got ourselves booked with a travel agency. (Thank you Emily  ) 
At just 350,000VND (~ $21SGD) we got to experience quite a number of things + lunch + transport.
We first gathered at the pick up point in HCM before we started our 1.5h drive to our destination.

Just some photos at the pretty Mekong Delta Rest Point which is flooded with tourists.
I guess most tours would stop by this place for toilet breaks and stuff like that.
Pretty overpriced snacks over there but well it's pretty much expected ain't it?  
But it was quite a good spot for all the photo taking. 
(Not as good as the upcoming attraction obviously.)

After the break we finally got to the harbour where we would be ferried by these boats to the other side of the shores. 

Our first stop across the river was this place that sold us honey. 
We were first greeted with tons of bees and even placed our finger in a little hole among those bees to taste how fresh honey off the honeycomb tasted like.
And that was one of the best honey I've ever tasted.
Seating us down, they served us with Pollen, Honey Pudding to use as a facial product and Honey itself of course to try before enticing us to buy their products. 

Guess what greeted us next?
If you've seen my instagram, you'll probably have guessed it. 
This strong humongous snake which seems attracted to me; constantly going close to my face!
You have no clue how excited I was when I spotted it from where we were sitting.
My face lit up and I was like "I need to carry that thing and take a photo"
(Yeah.. I'm probably a little weird, hmm)

Along the way we got to enjoy some singing by the locals. 
Basically there would be some flowers where you can put money in and tip one of those pretty girls that caught your eyes. 
It was quite an experience I have to say, hahaha.
We also got to see how coconut candies were made.
Those coconut candies were TO DIE FOR, I freaking swear!!
especially for those who have sweet tooth like me, you're gonna freaking love it.
Those that were freshly made for sample; hot from the grill or whatever that is..
Those were the freaking best! Oh God I so want one now..

After quite some walking, we were pampered by these gorgeous creatures who gave us a carriage ride down to our next destination point. 
Our horse was the white one with a little cute pony tail at the top of its head.

We were involved in a lot more walking and finally the highlight of what I was waiting for
The little boat ride down and among the trees as I saw in photos months back!!
We were sitting in legit sampans with 2 boaters and wearing on our heads one of these traditional conical hat: Nón Lá. 

A selfie of excited me & the Nón Lá. ^^
From other photos, it gave me the impression that it'll be some peaceful ride down the delta~
Just gonna sit back and enjoy the scenery and all but nahh I was wrong.
The delta was packed with boats!
There would be like 2-3 boats side by side squeezing their way through and all. 
That was the only disappointment. Still love the place though
And of course..
Featuring my favourite shot of the day!
(I tried to imitate the shot that I found online that I fell in love with)
Close enough? haha I guess not. 
Their photo is definitely wayyyyyy better.
Not exactly sure why but it kind of reminds me of the days during iDare, hanging around and in the "teh tarik river". Those were good days.

After all that adventure, we finally settled down for lunch (late lunch to be exact) at a place supposedly known as coconut village or something along that line.
Initially I wanted to do some retarded coconut related but it was totally different from what I expected. So yupp.. no photo on that.

And it's feast time!!~~ :D
The food as an overall was quite good! I enjoyed it quite a bit!
Ain't really a fan of the fish wrap thingy though, that style of eating is still best with bbq meat!
That's without a doubt. 
We got to spend quite a bit of time around that area though there isn't much..
Other than the crocodiles. nothing else really caught my attention there. 
That was our last stop thus concluding our entire trip to Mekong Delta.

I heard that there's a floating market there too which wasn't part of our itinerary (what a waste)
If given the chance, I would love to visit it. 
I was told that the fruits sold there were really fresh! pretty awesome!

In any case, a big thank you to this group of people!!~
Our group of 9 which took up half the tour group!
The forever responsive, forever missing group of 9! haha
Thank you for taking time to bring us here! It was truly enjoyable 
Hope to have more trips like this ^^

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