Top 10 Vietnamese Food

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It's already been 4 months into my internship and it's finally the last month of it.
I miss home so badly but there's something I know I'll miss here when I leave

I've been loving Vietnamese food so much recently and I don't seem to get tired of it.
I had my reservations about it before I came due to things I heard from others but I'm so thankful that it wasn't the case.
I have not got to try every single Vietnamese dish available so perhaps things might have gotten missed out. Let's just say perhaps it's due to my selective choice of food.
So I shall now list out my:

*this is in no particular order*

1. Phở

The first dish is the oh-so-well-known Vietnamese dish that is no stranger to all. 
They told me I can't say I've been in Vietnam without having a bowl of this. 
Phở Bò in particular is my fav. (I loveee beef!!~)
Although this dish is available almost everywhere, it doesn't seem that easy to find a place that serves an amazing bowl with the perfect broth and perfectly cooked meat.

I've tried a few highly raved places (priced around 60,000VNĐ) but some weren't as good as claimed. Instead,  the one that won my heart is a humble little store near Signature Saigon Hotel which is cheaper and better tasting in my opinion.
I can't remember the name of the place (oops) but it has a green signboard and its the corner store at the cross junction. 

2. Bánh Xèo

Food #2 is otherwise known as the Vietnamese Pancake if I'm not mistaken. 
A thin pancake with a number of different ingredients in it.
(I particularly like the chilli sauce that goes with it.) 
Amazing combination that isn't too salty or spicy.
What's best is that it's really affordable too.
This is definitely something I'll look out for when I'm roaming the streets.

This is pretty different from the typical ones so I'm not sure if this is the right name for it.
Oh well~

3. Cơm Tấm

#3 is a dish made of fragmented rice grain, usually served with grilled meat, egg, bean sprouts and some others.
I guess in a way it's quite similar to Singapore's mixed rice?
Kind of reminds me of home whenever I eat this. 
But there's just this thing bout it that makes it really delicious. 
I've tried a few different places' Cơm Tấm, both in stores and on the streets, I can't seem to find any fault with this.
The ingredients are always so delicious! Like how do they do that man. 

I've 2 favourite places for this so far;
One is really near the War Remnants Museum (District 3) along Tran Quoc Thao (25,000 VNĐ). 
During lunch time, the road will be filled with locals eating from there so just go to where the crowd is.
The other is really near Ben Thanh Market along some street. (45,000 VNĐ)

4. Bánh Cuốn 

"Rolled cakes" that originated from Northern Vietnam is Food #4
Thin rolls of rice sheets topped with bean sprouts, shallots, cucumber, some meat etc. and nước chấm (fish sauce) which has a slightly sweet taste to it poured over. 
I was really reluctant to try this when I just arrived in Viet due to the appearance of it and now I'm regretting it so bad because it's so good but I'm only left with less than a month to enjoy this. 
Super amazing dish that is not too filling to start the morning!

Most people seem to prefer the one with the meat filling but I can't seem to appreciate that.
The plain one seems to absorb more sauce and taste more put together than the ones with meat.
Or perhaps it's just me..

5. Cà Phê
(photo credits to respective owner)

Not just any coffee but Vietnamese Drip Coffee!
Though it takes awhile to make, it is definitely worth the wait for every single drip!
Vietnamese drip coffee is just super fragrant and has a smooth & thick texture to it.
Honestly, I'll pick a cup of Ca Phe Sua Da (iced coffee with milk) over your big brands like Starbucks and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaves anytime. 
The one by the Com Tam at the stall near the War Remnants Museum is freaking amazing by the way!
I've even bought a number of packs of filter and instant coffee so that I can continue to enjoy this back in Singapore. 
Hopefully I won't be too lazy to make it myself when I'm back.

6. Xôi

(photo from google)

#6 is Xoi which means Sticky Rice.
What's best about this is the many different taste you can get just with this simple thing! 
Sweet or Salty; as a main dish or dessert, anything!
Commonly in small portions, this is one of my favs for breakfast or just as a tea break snack.

I especially love the following ways this dish can be eaten:
1. Xoi Ga (Glutinous Rice Chicken) - 15,000 VNĐ
2. Xoi wrapped in Banana Leaves
They have a few variety of fillings for this; meat/bean/egg/etc. 
3. As Dessert 
Usually paired with some fruits

p/s: I just had one for breakfast and I'm having cravings for another one again. 

7. Bánh Mì
(photo credits to Wandering Chopsticks)

The "Subway" of Vietnam was what I was told the moment I stepped foot into Vietnam.
This was one of the very first food I tried and fell in love with.
There are a lot of possible combinations for this such as fish, pork and so on topped with the standard vegetables such as lettuce,cucumber,tomato,carrots,chilli and so on.
My personal fav till date has definitely gotta be the pork belly ones. 
Especially when the meat (and a tinge of fats) is made perfectly with crisp skin. 

These are readily available on the streets; it's available almost everywhere which is so convenient!
What's best is that it's made to order on the spot, yay!
I heard that there's Banh Mi Kep Kem which means ice cream sandwich.
I've not got to try this but it'll be a perfect snack for tea break on those hot days!~

8. Chè

#8 on my list in Chè which means sweet dessert soup or pudding. 
There are tons of different types that are classified under this but there's definitely no harm in trying any of these sweet things because they all taste soooo good I'm not even kidding. 
My sweet tooth cravings are totally satisfied whenever I have 1 of these.

My first fav for this would be bánh flan which is internationally known as Crème caramel.
It is so inexpensive here and it's usually drizzled in condensed milk and coffee.
Perfect to satisfy them sweet tooth and coffee craves.

For a "healthier" choice (okay I'm probably in self denial), my second fav: Fruits Che
There are usually longan, mango, durian, jackfruit and more and it's sooo good too! 
It might seem pretty sinful to have dessert especially since I'm dieting but I swear it's totally worth it.
Just work out a little more after treating myself to one of these, haha

9. Bánh Gối

(photo credits to respective owner)

A type of dumpling filled with meat, shallot, glass noodle, carrot and some mushroom.
These dumplings are larger than the typical ones (like curry puff size) and taste superb!
The amount is just right too! 1 is just perfect enough for tea break! 
(oops! so much for dieting..)

I first tried this near a market in District 5 along the road thanks to Ms Queenie.
I was still trying to avoid eating the entire thing thinking how close to dinner it was but it was too good to resist! I couldn't help but finish it at lightning speed. 
Haven't got to have another one ever since then though.
It's such a waste! I should have bought 1 more then. 

10. Various BBQ Meat

Perhaps this seems nothing special but then again one can never go wrong with BBQ Meat!
Having been here for 4 months and eating BBQ meat so often, there isn't once that I'm not satisfied.
In fact, this is one of the only food that makes me pick my chopstick up and start digging in again despite the fact that I just finished dinner. 

Conveniently found almost everywhere, there are many stalls that serves a huge variety of meat to choose from. (Always spoilt for choices).
Just a few days back, I decided to try Ostrich Meat and ohboy did that taste good!
Really tender yet a little springy, it was a good choice of meat to try something new.

Of course, other than the 10 mentioned dishes, I've been loving tons of other amazing Vietnamese Food that I know I'll be missing so much after leaving


All I can say is
"Vietnam, I'll be back for you real soon!!"
Can't wait for the cs team's wedding so that I can be back for more of these 

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