Notre Dome Cathedral; AEON Mall || Saigon

1:32 AM

3rd time into Saigon since my attachment here in Vietnam.
It's pretty sad how I wouldn't get to say that I've explored this place during my stay here.
I guess it's only gonna be possible after intern, oh well~
There's this crazy thought going through my mind though and that is to travel by bus into Cambodia for some exploration before heading back to Singapore. 
Not sure how to go about that and if I'll get my parent's approval so I guess that shall be put on hold. 

For now, #throwback to last Sunday's visit into Saigon.
I get really excited at every chance to visit Saigon since I've heard about the cafes and shopping around, really need to start crossing out all the places that I really want to visit before the end of the 5 months here. Hmmm..

We had the company's van take us to Saigon Sky Garden Hotel where there was free shuttle bus service to AEON mall every hour or so. 
The shuttle bus is pretty small and can be quite packed so being slightly early is a must. Since the mall is pretty far, taxi fare was going to be really expensive thus this was a real saver. 
AEON mall here is really similar to one I usually visit in Malaysia though. 
Well, the stalls are different of course but the concept is pretty much the same with each level having a different focus of products and services. 
After hanging around for awhile on Level 1 with all the good (cheaper) food, we headed up to the second floor where all the restaurants are and grabbed some lunch at Nijyu Maru. 

 They have such an amazing interior I swear considering the size of the shop. 
Food was pretty good as well and affordable considering it being a restaurant. 
My meal came up to less than $10 SGD for a set meal + a drink. 
C'mon there's no way you can say it isn't worth it. 

After lunch and your typical shopping around the place time, we headed down to the oh-so-famous Notre Dome Cathedral.

Perhaps due to the fact that it was Easter Sunday, there was service going on and all we did was loiter around the exterior of the building trying to get a good shot.
It's a pretty hot spot for wedding photos, ootds, etc so here's just doing a mainstream thing in a not so mainstream manner~~ 
Fisheye selfie with the building! Say cheese!~ ^^

But of course, you can't miss out your typical "must-have" shots too

Company driver came by early though so we didn't get a chance to visit the post office which was just opposite the cathedral, it was such a waste. 
But before we left, this little stall along the street caught Emily's eyes: Pancake!

I absolutely love this! 
Crispy exterior, with a little savoury fillings on the inside topped with the sauce~
Could be really great if I could have one of this now as I type. 

After that we just headed down the street behind the resort to get some stuff done up
and most importantly..
to get 
There is every reason to be getting excited over this. 
Very sweet, very refreshing with a tinge of lemon.
Cup of goodness @ only $0.40SGD or so. 
Tell me how not to get excited (& fatter) over this?!

Anyways, it's week 8 this week! 3 more months pepo~ hehe
Thanks for reading! ^^

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