Ben Thanh Market; Saigon

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Who loves off days?!
I know I do!~
Public Holidays here in Vietnam are a blessing to people like me who are expats here because we too get a day off! The most recent one fell on the 9th of April which allowed me to give myself a post birthday treat, hehe~
Lucky us got to meet our company's consultant who then offered to bring us to Saigon.
So let's start the adventures of #tenginviet :

We first sent one of the consultant to the airport before heading for some lunch at Pho 2000.
The food here is slightly more pricey since it's directly opposite a tourist attraction.
One look at the place packed with foreigners and you know it ain't gonna be very cheap.
The good thing though is that they offer a tinge more variety than most street side Pho shops!
Pho Bo

 Pho Seafood

Prawn Spring Roll
(Love this!)

Of course this is definitely a more convenient location for those who will be shopping or have just finished shopping at Ben Thanh Market. 
If you're on more of a budget, (correct me if I'm wrong) there's Pho 24 nearby which I heard isn't too bad too. Let me know what you think!

It was then SHOPPING TIME! at Ben Thanh Market. 
(Yes, I've been really deprived of shopping ever since I arrived)

If you're travelling here or have been here, you should know that bargaining of price here is a must!
No fret though cause the owners here do understand english. 
Be daring to push down the price by half! 
Be prepared to get held by the arm and stuff like that while you're walking through those narrow lanes and don't keep your hopes too high about the goods available here. 
In my opinion, they're still pretty pricey even after half price and there isn't much fashionable stuff I would say. 

So after about 1-2 hours there, this is what I got:
 Braided Sandals @ 130,000VND (SGD 8.20)
Maroon High Tops @ 230,000VND (SGD 14.40)
Material wise I thought was pretty okay but for the high tops the stocks they have differ from the display piece so do check it. 
I would suggest to go for the display piece as it usually of way better quality.

Took a little rest before we headed out for hotpot
There were tons of insects attracted to the light above us thus we moved outdoors.
Am kind of loving how cooling nights here can be sometimes though. 

Look at this little cutie that lay beside me quietly while we were still indoors. 
I couldn't help but had my eyes glued to it. 
There were quite a few other little dogs though but this was still the prettiest to me. 

We had some al lat carte food first.
Spring Roll wrapped in Tapioca(?) and stuff.. 
(Goodness I don't know what this is called)

Fried Tofu and some intestine thing..
and finally a hot pot and a plate of noodles which photo I failed to take

And that pretty much concludes my very first public holiday here in viet. 
Thank you for reading and keep a lookout for my next post! (;
Tạm Biệt

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