Dai Nam Amusement Park & Zoo

11:55 PM

A delayed off day and low budget? Not a problem at all!
Who could have guessed that I would get the chance to visit an Amusement Park, Snow City (kind of) and Zoo on the very same day at a cost of <$20SGD
Yupp, you're not reading this wrongly, 
our entire day of entertainment costed us less than SGD$20 each.
Shocking isn't it?!
Well, that's because lucky us visited on a day where entrance to the Amusement Park was FREE, the rides were at 50% OFF and so was the entrance fee to the Zoo
Just calculate what a whooping sum we probably saved, YAY!
*throws confetti*

We took a public bus (omg first time after 2mths here) down that dropped us off literally at the entrance of the place which is just perfect!
There are trams available inside to bring you around the different attractions of that area. 
Simply perfect x2 which is clearly written all over our excited faces (;

We headed in for lunch because food inside is wayyyy cheaper than the huge restaurant located outside this huge attraction area. 
We then slowly walked around the entire place trying out the different rides that attracted us. 
One thing different bout the amusement park here in Viet that you must know is that despite paying for the entrance fee, you'll still have to pay for every ride that you want to play. 
Sounds pretty ridiculous but the total cost doesn't come up to much actually. 

There were quite a number of games which had pretty weird concepts and there seemed to be an entire line up of haunted houses. 
(Definitely a place to visit for all you daredevils out there)
Surprisingly, these themed haunted houses were one of the more pricey "rides".
Weird I must say. I mean why pay to scare yourself? Seriously!
We tried out the Egyptian Mummy themed one and the suspense kills.
It got funny after that when YX and I figured out the "tricks" and ended up sabotaging the rest, haha

With the crazy hot burning weather, Snow World was the best hideout.
Snow world was one of the "games" inside which is pretty much literally the same as Singapore's Snow City but smaller (and way cheaper). 
The best part? 
I was in freaking shorts and freezing my butt off in there! Goodness gracious!
As fun as it was trying to do stupid stunts as we came down the snow slide (well there weren't any rules stated so.. YOLO), the cold soon became unbearable since ice was constantly rubbing on my thighs as I brought the tube up the stairs.
Lesson learned. 
Follow the locals, they have their reasons for wearing what they're wearing.

Apart from the mentioned, the park has the few standard games as well. 
The typical water slide.. (Or not! (;)
Check out how big a splash it made. Every single one on the boat just ends up soaking wet!
No one was spared, not even the onlookers!

 My ultimate fav will still have to be the roller coaster. 
Double loop followed by a double turn at the back, that adrenaline rush I swear.
Once we reached the first loop, I had zero clue where we were heading anymore. 
All I could do was scream and laugh and continue laughing after the ride ends. 

In order to make full use of the discount (well, you can't blame a typical Singaporean), our next stop was the Zoo.
So here's just a "Before anything starts, let's grab a photo with everything" moment~

It's a pretty small Zoo as compared to the others I've been to but there's still no regrets.
The emptiness of the zoo pretty much allowed us to move around in any way that we like in order to snap the best photos of these lovely creatures. 
These may not be the best photos but let's just take a moment to look at these pretty things.

They say it's hard to see a peacock with their tail all spread out. 
If that's true, I must have been in luck to see this little gorgeous parading it's feathers.

My favourite majestic creature of all times!

The next few have to be my favourite shots out of all the animals I took.
*even if they aren't that good, take a min to appreciate it's beauty please* 

The giraffe enclosure had to be one of the best, it was majorly up-close and you can get in contact with these precious things. Yes, you could even take a selfie with them.
A photo with the giraffe's head because all the attempted selfies failed. oops.
All in all, you have no clue how happy I was in the zoo despite being a food provider to the mozzies, having to brave the sizzling heat and sudden pours..
I guess I have to say that the outskirts of town ain't that bad after all. 
Cheers to more exciting off days in future (hopefully).

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