Exploring Food in Bình Dương Part (I)

11:00 PM

Being located off town can be pretty boring sometimes considering how most of the events, shopping and entertainment are held in town. 
Thankfully, there's always comfort food to make everything better around this area.
In fact, some of it has been really amazing so far and I'm definitely gonna miss this after intern.

Last weekend was solely dedicated to food which I love so much!
(well, the guilt just came later on but that doesn't affect my love for food)
Outfit of the day:
Lace top from Carousel || Floral Shorts from Taiwan || Bracelet from Hong Kong

First up, Lotteria which is located in Lotte Mall. 
Lotteria is korean owned fast food chain and since we didn't have this in Singapore, we decided to pop in and give it a try. 
I got the Bulgogi Burger Value Set which cost 70,000 VND

Pricing: Not that worth it considering how tasty street food like Bánh mì cost only 15,000 VND. However, if you're looking at fast food chain pricing, this is quite a steal.
Taste: I was a little disappointed with the burger being quite thin but the bulgogi was alright. KFC's fried chicken still has my vote though

For dinner, we headed to a Korean BBQ place quite a distance down north.
It's just a small little restaurant with a cozy concept. 
I love how there was a choice of normal seating or traditionally on the floor.

2 different types of meat (small portion) and a kimchi hotpot came up to about 750,000 VND in total which was very pricey considering the really small portion, probably due to it's location between 2 golf courses and industrial parks.
The meat was really good though but I'm sure there'll be better at a much lower price around. 

Lastly, this BBQ place at a junction near Lotte Mart. 
This is definitely the highlight out of all our meals for that day. 
Really good food at very cheap prices with the accompaniment of a few little cute dogs.  

Grilled Meat on Lemongrass

Some kind of grilled sausage

BBQ Octopus

BBQ Intestines.

All these came up to less than 200,000 VND if I did not recall wrongly which was SOOOO WORTH I swear. My favourite has to be the intestines without a doubt, it was just so good and better than any that I've had in Singapore.
They only operate at night though, definitely a great supper hangout.
So if you happen to be in this area, do check it out.

And that's it for Part (I).
I'll definitely be back with more food post when I'm out on my off days.
Goodbye till then and thank you for reading ^^

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