Suntec City - Food (Part I)

11:44 PM

So Suntec City has recently been renovated and it is now a major difference from when I use to work and hang out there.
It is beyond recognition (well, in a good way), and I can't wait to explore this place all over again.

Thank to New Look SG and OMY Blog Club's invite to the event
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I spent some time just walking around the area with Cynthia and back again the next day with my family just because I can't believe the huge difference I'm seeing.

Without dragging this any longer, Let's Get Startedddd~
So on part 1 of my journey (I suppose there's more to come), I visited:
Pack'd is a newly opened cafe at the basement of Suntec.
One thing I really love about this place is the setting of the cafe.
It is precisely because they don't seem to have a proper shop space like the rest that caught my eyes.
The furniture and all made us feel like we were enjoying food in the garden (with aircon, omg)
If only they used carpet grass across their shop, omg it'll be perfect!
Since I wasn't really hungry and it was probably close to 3pm, I settled with a light yoghurt granola.
I feel so bad for the staff who had to handle my indecisiveness. (Oops)
I surprisingly like the greek yoghurt they used
(cause I hate the one I have at home, it taste like cream cheese. can you imagine putting spoons of cream cheese in your mouth, gosh.) 
I swear I'll be back to try out their sandwiches cause the sandwiches look good but I didn't want to forgo dinner the other day and all cause I just love the decor too much.
Too adorbs to resist.
So for the time being, these are some other food that they provide to give you a rough idea

#B1-169/170 Suntec City Mall
3 Temasek Blvd

2. New York Grand Kitchen
We were actually fretting over what to have for lunch since it was a last min decision to head over to Suntec.
this place just attracted us in with what sounds like the best offer..
of course with every purchase of a meal
This probably doesn't do the salad bar any justice but the moment I saw the pasta salad and potato salad (oh! and chips with avocado sauce or sth) you've lost me.
My phone went into my pocket immediately and my hands were busy holding on to those plates
(oops, sorry :/)
 You are definitely not in the right mind if you're dining here and not having at least a small plate of something from their large selection of free-flow salad (or you probably aren't Singaporean enough)
So, this is what I had: Pork and chicken with cajun sauce.
I really love the meat but I feel like I regret on the sauce.
Simply because I didn't know Cajun seemed similar to Tomato sauce
(don't judge me, I think they're similar)
But this is a good try if you're there, it's so cute how the food is presented on a cutting board (?)
Dad had this salmon, seafood thingy which was super eye catching the moment it arrived
Can't take your eyes of it can't you?!
My sis had this beef with wrap kind of thing
I'm sorry the photo doesn't do it justice 
I wish I had a little more room in my tummy to try this out but
I was just SO FULL from my own meal

They actually do have a few other dishes and for each dish, there's usually a few choices of different sauces.
I guess the next time I should try Cranberry Sauce cause it sounds really interesting.
Till then!~~

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