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As much as I wished it was a getaway, it was only a short trip over to Legoland.
Rushed straight over to Joo Koon to meet him from Arya Chalet. I died..
It was all worth it cause it's Legoland! 
Yay, like finally?! I've really wanted to take a walk around the park since a few months back!
So I entertained myself the entire way and I shall let some photos speak for themselves:
The place has many amazing structures including a mini structure of the world but sadly I didn't get to pass by that. 
So, this majorly huge lego giraffe was what first caught my eyes.
It was plain genius! This is so freaking huge*claps*

The park like any other will categorize themselves according to certain themes.
Castles, Traffics, Shipyard, and many more

What caught my eyes in particular was actually this game below where people stand in it and go up and down and compete see who's vehicle reaches the other end first. 
The game didn't attract me at all honestly but I love how cute it looks. Haha.

While walking through the park there are bound to be countless of lego structures!
Being the usual me, I decided to camwhore with these adorable lego masterpiece, teehee. 
(You'll probably have known if you follow me on instagram)

 There were many more I wanted to take photo with but the adults were just too engrossed with their topic and I was lagging behind by wayyyy to much. Sighs. 

1 important thing to do while you're there is to check out their store! 
 I spent a lot of time inside the small shop so I can't imagine what would happen if I entered the big one.
They do customization, keychains and have tons of lego stuffs (I don't say~)
So if you happen to go there, really do check the shop out.
I was spoilt for choices with the keychains but ended up settling for a pink hippo lego keychain which is SUPERRR ADORABLE!!

In my honest opinion, the park is more suitable for kids. literally kids.
If you're one who love rides like the red and blue coasters in USS then you'll probably not be trilled by the rides here other than a small number of rides. 
No worries bout age or size and what not cause even the rides for kids can be rode on by adults to a maximum of 100kg. 
And the rides are extremely safe with constant maintenance and well prepared staffs. 
However, it's quite an amazing place to check out if you wanna take crazily nice photos.
The entry fee is about SGD55 if I'm not mistaken. 
Of course, don't let my opinion affect you cause i didn't try the rides and well, it might actually be fun, who knows. 
If you're planning to go please bring and SPAM (Yes spam!) sunblock cause that place is extremely hot. To think I thought Singapore was hot but oh man I was wrong, Legoland is wayyy hotter!

Sooner or later I'll finish trying all the restaurants in bukit indah mall. :P
So this time round, me and popsie decided to try out Taang Shifu for dinner:
The food are slightly towards the hebal-ish type of taste however if you're not into this type of food, they do have other stuffs available on the menu for you. 


So we shared a bowl of abalone chicken mee sua (herbal soup) [L] which dad found it slightly bland but i thought it was alright and a bowl(?) of mushroom & mini abalone rice [R].

We also ordered a plate of Chicken (in wine i think) and it's good!
I love how tender the chicken is and with the sauce over it, ohman I want some now..
The 3 above dish plus a cup of honey aloe vera came close to SGD30? which I felt was quite cheap for a restaurant considering what we ordered. 
The shop is at the corner on level 2 just beside the escalator (go up from the escalator beside Starbucks/JCO)
You'll see it the moment you go up. 

We also had black ball when we were there
Sadly, this ain't my kind of desert and other than the soy ice or sth, this didn't appeal to me. 
Sorry fans of black ball but oh well.
Headed home straight after that cause I was drained. 
And so there, my super short 1 day trip ^^

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