Bkk Day 3

10:50 PM

And so I've delayed my bangkok post for wayyyy to long. 죄송합니다 (I'm sorry)
If you haven't read day 1 and 2: check it out here

So to start things out, here was my outfit of that day:
I really love how the hotel is nice to take outfit photos any day any time, haha!
This is at a corner of the lobby of the hotel I stayed in.
So keeping things simple: threw on a white crop top and daisy skorts that i bought the day before and slipped into my ohsocomfty creepers.

So on day 3, we headed down to platinum area first as we saw an advertisement about them having a food fair. My sister still owes me the photos so I shall upload the photos when I've gotten them. 
I have to say that the roasted pork was the bomb! I've not tasted anywhere's that was better than that.
Thinking back about it now I'm craving for that sinful stuff, hehs.
We then headed to the extended area of Platinum Mall (around novena hotel area) since we've not been there but in my opinion there's nothing much and the items are not as eye catching and quite costly as compared to those in platinum and the market area nearby. 

Next, we then headed to Yaowarat (Bangkok's Chinatown)
I felt quite disappointed as the stores I visit frequently either moved out or carry less attractive stuffs.
Actually is just that I found that the stores didn't carry items that suit me.
Of course I'll still recommend a visit to this place especially if you would like to grab a whole load of cheap accessories if you buy more than 3 or in bulks. 
(The taxi uncle told us that the clothes/accessories area were were the green and red roofs/ tentage were)
^ hope that helps you to look for the place more easily as it can be quite confusing.
We didn't buy much but we headed down to a place we'll always visit when we're there for

They carry tons of different grades of bird nest and you can have them in stores too. 
A bowl usually ranges from about 300 to 800 baht if my memory didn't fail me.
(Its quite near the main road and quite a prominent store occupying about 2-3 shop space)

We then headed down to a place near Siam Square.
(There's actually a long stretch of restaurants and cafes around that area so do check it out)
We wanted to have dinner at teddy house's kitchen (just above a huge teddy store) but the menu was limited so we headed elsewhere.
It would have been a great place for tea though to just grab a drink and some dessert
Instead we headed to a restaurant (corner shop about 2-3 levels) by the name of Ban Khunmae.
We had:
Spicy glass noodle salad (sorry i don't have the photo)
Pineapple Fried Rice which was quite alright but i kind of prefer the one at the hotel's cafe.

Basil Chicken. Tasty but slightly salty. Would be good if you like food with strong flavour

Seafood Curry in Young Coconut.
This is my ultimate favourite dish in the restaurant. No words can explain how much I loveeee this.
I probably finished half of it myself cause it was just that good!
It is slightly sweet tasting and strong coconut taste and its soooo good. 
I strongly recommend you to try this if you happen to go there.
Like i mentioned, there are loads of cafe along that road so right after dinner, we popped by:
Hokkaido Milk Cafe!!
 We ordered Milk Ice Cream and Milk Pudding. 
I just love things with milk but if you aren't a fan, they have many other flavours too!
Just look at the amazing variety they have! 

 After all our food, we continued shopping at Siam Square.
(If you're looking for cheap deals, walk along the main road near the MRT station near Siam Square)
They have a good range of clothing at really low prices so if you really love shopping, it's a must to walk along that area. I myself brought back quite a large haul from there.

To end of the day, we finally had our virgin ride on a tuktuk.
I was so excited and you can tell from my face below
 I love the feeling of the wind rushing through my hair (and in my face)
and thus ending up like this.
But i still love this shot cause it looks kind of funny, haha. 

 How can I not take a mandatory shot of the view from the backseat of a tuktuk right?!

And the ride concludes our day3 in bangkok. 
So here's happy face us for you while you await the post for day 4 & 5. 
Thank you if you bothered reading through this lengthy wordy post.
You're freaking amazing ^^

Teng, Out!~

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