Amped Trampoline Park

12:20 AM

I'm so sorry for not updating for close to a month. Oops.
So here's a place I went during the holidays and I can't wait to share it cause I love this place!~
Many would have heard or visited the place before but I just have to.
Few weeks back, we visited this entire level of trampolines.
Can I emphasize how freaking awesome this place is!!
Thank you Stanley for planning all this and booking for us and all~
Thank goodness I gave up the idea of wearing jeans to jump around.
After that few minutes of jumping I was starting to get sweaty.
But flipping in fbts and a slightly cropped tee wasn't the best idea too.
Fact of the day:
 Do you know that 10mins of jumping on a trampoline is equivalent to 30mins of running?
Since the group of us jumped for 2h, that's equivalent to..
well you do the maths. (;
So you know how healthy I felt that day.
Here's Alicia and I after 1h of jumping.
Please don't mind my messy tied up hair.
I spent the first hour embarrassing myself cause I can't jump from trampoline to trampoline properly, I've balancing issues and my arm doesn't have strength.
Oh, and its recommended to purchase their socks,
 it provides better friction or you might just end up like me.
As compared to the others who were there (and younger) I'm like a weakling
(time to start exercising more I guess..ohman..)
One thing I'm sure of though.
Its annoying how I get stuck inside after landing in though. And bits and pieces get stuck.

In our second hour, the instructor (on the right) gave us a crash course on how to flip.
Well, I suck at it. I can't flip for nuts and that's my first.
Throughout every part of the crash course, the instructor had to literally help me end my flip nicely so that I won't end in a terrible position.
(I'm so sorry to have tire you out. I know I ain't light and I suck at flipping)
In anyway, thank you!!

I honestly won't mind going back again (even though I'll be throwing my own face)
This time just maybe I'll be able to do a flip. Just maybe.
For those who are interested:
Cost: $15/h
Address: 369 Tanjong Katong Road S437126 (Lvl 2)
You can take bus 31 from Dakota or 43 from Paya Lebar.
They allow full facility booking too.
For more information you can visit their Website and Facebook page
P/s: Stay tune cause food posts are going to be coming up next (;

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